Wednesday, March 17, 2021



  Way back in October 2018 (seems a lifetime ago), we made a trip "out West".   Of course we visited Texas to spend time with our daughter and son-in-law.  Then we ventured onward, eventually landing in Prescott Valley, Arizona, visiting my long-time friend, Vicki, who lives there.  She showed us all around the area and we traveled up to Sedona for a day-trip.  

   Vicki's a follower and recently had a bit of surgery which has left her in the hospital for awhile.  So, I thought she (and you all) might enjoy revisiting our time together.  

Here are a few pictures I snapped:



Sedona restaurant




Sedona overview

Field of Carons

Sedona backdrop

View from Vicki's house

Prescott (the Needle house)

Lee Vicki and Me

               Hope to see you real soon, Vicki, so keep up the good work healing!  

God Bless, Everyone and until next time.... stay safe.  

                                                  ~~ Karen ~~


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  1. Prayers for speedy and complete healing for Vicki! Good to see your faces, Karen & Lee! Those views are beyond beautiful. Wow!! I've never been 'out west'. Gorgeous. xo


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