Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Another Week of Getting Older

Once upon a time, I read a quote from a well-know author, whose name I can't recall, that went something like....I'm just wasting time waiting for time to waste me away.  I'm sure those aren't his exact words, but you get the idea.  They keep popping up in my memory banks these days of sequestering.

Not much to report.  Nothing grand happening.  No new revelations.  Just  mostly peace and quiet.  Well, sort of.

Of course, there was the Texas debacle.  Our daughter and her hubby live in Texas about 5 miles from the Mexico border.  They got 11.2 inches of snow one day.  They built snowmen and made angels; then began the work of planning what to do next.  Yes, they lost water and power, with water being the most keenly felt.  Food shortages.  Gasoline shortages (with no power, no one could pump gasoline, and with no gasoline, there are no uses for those generators sitting around businesses and homes).  Things are still difficult even though the power and water have been restored.  Currently, there are still long lines and few items on the shelves of stores.  Lots of people in big trouble still.  When the storm hit they were in San Antonio with another couple.  It took them two days to make a journey that typically takes three hours, and they all slept together in single digit temperatures until they made it home.  One for their memory books, for sure.

Then we received the terrible news that we lost yet another friend to Covid-19, and we are trying to wrap our minds around this loss.  Last July we lost our Audrey.  We still haven't gotten used to looking toward our dear neighbor's home and seeing someone else living there.  We do miss her so.

Oh, and we did lose our electricity to an ice storm...but only for a few hours.  The ice remained longer than the outage.  It was not a big issue at all for us.  I only mention it because it did interrupt the mundane of our pandemic lives these days. (I AM grateful for my mundane little life, though.  Don't get me wrong!)

Let's see....I finished two books this week.  Lee finished one.  (One of mine was quite short)

And then....I discovered last Friday that a pin in my toe (placed during surgery in the 1990's) appears to be backing out and coming through the skin.  Yeah, great news, huh.  Asked my doc yesterday what do they do about this sort of thing, and she said, "I don't know.  That's why I'm sending you onto a podiatrist."  So I asked, "Do you think it'll require some sort of surgery?"  She just nodded sadly and then sent me over to X-ray with a "good luck" and a little wave.  Sigh.  The good and bad of it will be revealed Friday afternoon when I meet another doctor....ahh, another "ist" on my Contact List.  Like, I don't have enough of those!

Here's a little fun thing.  Our son has been shopping for another used car for his high-school-aged children.  Now, Lee's hobby is cars, so it's been a bit of delight for he and Vince to mull over the pros and cons of the used cars he and the kids are looking at.  I think Vince and the kids settled on one last night.

One good thing about all this down time is that I'm getting a great deal of my photo archiving done.  It's been quite a trip down memory lane.  Over Christmas I was gifted a new program to aid in organizing and backing up the files.  So, I'm going to be working on installing that program today.  With that, I best get to it.

Until next time, keep safe and well.  God Bless.

    ~~ Karen ~~



  1. Hello dear friend! I am always happy to see a post from you pop up here. It is good to catch up with you. Love to you and Lee for honoring Joe (and me) with your special gift. Such a surprise and so appreciated. Love you!!

  2. I'm glad it got there okay. I hope it will be a pleasant reminder of Joe's laughter and smiles. Love you, too!! Take care.


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