Thursday, December 10, 2020

Thankful Thursdays or Keep on the Sunny Side


This morning was typical for me.  Got up, took my meds,  moseyed into the bathroom for the usual routine, shuffled out to the kitchen to make coffee and say good-mornings to the hubby and the cat.  Since I have to wait 1.5 hours before eating, we usually spend the next hour watching the ^&****"news" until we can't listen to the craziness any longer and switch over to You Tube to catch up on our favorite Vloggers.  This morning one Vlogger was talking about his mom.  

She lives alone and recently lost a leg from diabetes complications.  This morning he went over to her apartment to help her solve a problem she had been having getting in and out of her wheelchair from her sofa.  As he was driving away in the rain, he was saying how he took lessons from her fortitude to keep "kicking it" in spite of her new situation.  He said he is finally in a place where he can look for the good side of every situation each and every day instead of letting bad times get him down, and he is so very grateful to have learned this valuable lesson and implement it in his life.  Well, I thought that was a really great message to hold onto and to share with you guys.  Embroider-worthy, as my friend would say.

Oh, if only I had the time to embroider a pillow sham with "Kickin' It" or "Stay on the Sunny Side".  But, alas, I'm still sorting though my piles and piles of photos that still seem endless.  Why oh why didn't I take the time to label them as I took them!  I know why, but I somehow feel obliged to scold myself once in awhile.  Yet, I am finding the Good Side in this challenge....the joy of remembering the good and the bad times.

So, I picked up a pile of pictures this morn and found some really great shots of our trip "out West".  Here a few in no particular order. They were all taken in Utah -- some taken by me, some by Lee or the girls.

Lunchtime overlooking the valley

Lunchtime with Funnel Spider nest along the Sevier River

Franklinton petroglyphs
Mapping along the Wasatch fault line

Fishing pond up the "hill" from our apartment

Parachuter before the Rodeo
The Rodeo in a nearby town
Riding the trails in Canyonlands

So I hope that as you travel though this life, may you also find the good in all situations, even the tough ones.  God Bless ya'll....

~~ Karen ~~  


  1. I really enjoyed the photo you posted on Facebook of you and your two sidekicks. So fun to travel back in time. You all captured some great photos of 'out west'! Thanks for sharing them here! It is always fun to see a post from you pop up. Love & hugs!

  2. Glad you enjoy them. The kids have forgotten many of these sights we've seen, so this is a nice way of sharing them across the miles. More to come :)


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