Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I'm so Tired of Cooking, How about Tacos


I'm hoping you all are well and had a lovely Christmas Holiday.  Like everyone else, I'm oh-so hoping to see 2021 enjoy a better ending than 2020.   What a horrific time 2020 has been for Humanity.

We are lucky, however, to live near one of our four children, and this year we spent Christmas Eve enjoying a gift exchange with our her and our grandbabies.  Then, on Christmas Morn, we spent a couple of hours opening gifts and enjoying each other's company with our youngest living 1500 miles away.   Surprisingly, it turned out to be quite an intimate Holiday this year. even though our kids are spread out far from us.  We are so fortunate to have the technology to help us  ease our solitude through this time and spend special time with them.  New ways to celebrate old traditions.

Yet, as tradition has evolved in our home over time, historically I have been compelled each year to clean the house the week following Christmas.  This year, I was determined to fight this silly urge.  I really tried, and was nearly successful.  But, alas, I succumbed.  

Well, it's all my husband's fault though.  You see, he keeps a steady supply of ice cream and rootbeer on hand for our grandbabies' visits.  And as grands do, there is spillage.  Today I noted one spillage zone and made the mistake of bending over to scrape the goo off the floor.  Well, being this close to the floor, I soon spotted more "goo-spots"... one, then another.  Pretty soon I found myself grabbing the mop and the Mr. Clean.  Yep, it happened that innocently.  Soon I was changing the linens and vacuuming the carpets, too!  It was chaos, sheer chaos.  So sad. I lost all self-control.

Happily, I can report I took my revenge on him.....when suppertime came around, I refused to cook and sent him out for tacos.  So now, all is peaceful again in our home once more.  An added plus is that we no long stick to the floor while walking around in our stocking feet.  Well, at least for the next few weeks.  

So, here's to your new year and to better times ahead!  Cheers, dear friends.  I raise a class of rootbeer in your honor!

~~ Karen ~~



  1. I was probably mopping here the same time you were mopping there. I was cleaning up cat hairballs and throw-ups though, rather than root beer floats sticking to the floor. Sign. I usually do "the clean" when the decorations come down. That's not happening until Saturday though! Elaine (Steele) and her hubby, Jim, are due to arrive tomorrow and will be renting the house next door through March. We are so excited!! Glad you had a great holiday and I would love to see pictures of those little red headed kiddos!! Happy new year to you and Lee (and all of us!). xo

    1. Neighbors Again!!! Huzzah. Should be great fun, Terri.

  2. You go, girl! I'm all for cleaning as I see the messes. Keep it up! Such a fun post.

  3. Thanks, Barbara...I'm happy you enjoyed it. My hubby chuckled too when he read it, whew. I'm like you in that I usually clean as I go, so much easier that way....but the floor is another story for me. It only gets a rugged cleaning once every couple of months since there's just me and Lee (and the cat). This floor's color has been great at hiding a multitude of sins, so I really don't have to fuss with it much.


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