Sunday, October 18, 2020

More Prologue - Sammy

This morn I'm hoping to kick it up a bit.  Let's see if I can upload a little (unedited) video of our trip from Texas last Spring while traveling with Sammy.  Here's a little sample of my viewpoint out the windshield.  Our Sammy was a consummate traveler.


I took this video on the way home from Big Bend National Park.  Sammy loved loved loved to lay on the dashboard and watch the world go by.  The only time he became anxious while traveling was in Atlanta where we were surrounded by semi's with loud rumblings passing so close to his windows (which are those on the passenger's side).   In this part of Texas, the roads don't suffer from traffic jams.  

(So, just in case this doesn't work.....I've got the video embedded here, but the preview won't let me see if it works.  I'll have to publish this post to see if it works or not.  So, those who get notified of my posts via email, you may have duplicates until I get it working.)

If this works, I'll post more that I have in my files.  How cool :)

Take care, Everyone....

    ~~~ Karen ~~~


  1. It was fun to see Sammy enjoying the ride!! Love & hugs!

  2. Thought you might find this fun. I'll have to post another video soon.


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