Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hi Everyone!

You might have notice that I've added a new button along the side of this blog.  It'll take you to a my new travel blog, Happy Trails We Two.  I'm still tinkering with this new site, but I have posted a view pics of one of our trips to get it started.  We'll see how it evolves.

We had been planning for years to start touring the country once we retired.  Well retirement came and went and we had busied ourselves downsizing into our new home.  Then, a few years ago we purchased a Pleasureway campervan and started out, but as many of you know, right away I came down with a bad case of cancer which stopped us in our tracks.  Yet, we did make quite a few short trips and enjoyed the van very much.  Last year however, we ended up selling it to free up some room in our driveway.
Pleasureway Along Skyline Drive, Virginia

Well, last September we decided to try again, and we bought a small fold-up camper....a used A-liner (12 foot long).  We took off right away and headed out West.  During that trip (and subsequent ones, too) I took hundreds of pictures of the beautiful places we visited.  So, I decided to share a few with you guys. 

A-liner at Prarie Lake State Park, Oklahoma
Right now we're at home making more travel plans.  Yep, there have been changes again.  If you're interested in where we've been and where we're going, hop on over to Happy Trails We Two and check it out.

Until next time.....Happy Trails    ---Karen---


  1. So good to see you here again and I will go visit your travel blog as soon as this comment posts!! Glad you and Lee are enjoying life and hope your travels bring you south again one of these days!

  2. Ooh I would love to do this!!! I'll go check out your new blog!


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