Friday, May 20, 2016

Sewing for the Kids

Soooo.....I went to Hancock's the other day (yeah, sad to see them go out of business, isn't it), and I picked up a pattern for a maternity topper for Julie.  Found a nice looking one among Burda's patterns.  Yeah, I had forgotten how much I hate working with Burda's instructions, but it soon came back to mind, QUICKLY.  

Picked up this pretty blue light weight jersey, too.  It looked like something Julie would choose for herself.

Luckily, I'm persistent and have a bit of experience, and got it finished in spite of Burda's best efforts to be confusing. 

Time to put together a care package for Julie and the babies....

A few weeks ago, I also ordered some gauze fabric for swaddling for her new baby.  So fast and easy to whip these into a few blankets for the little guy.  Some of the fabric was really nice, but others were a real disappointment with the pattern being askew from the grain lines. Not what I was expecting, but I think Julie will find them useful. Into the care package, too.

While at the serger I whipped up a little fleece blanket for Wrenn who is a big fan of the Bears along with her daddy.   Into the package.  Done.  Off to the post office.

Then, I decided to use up a bit of my stash of jersey for a sweet little shift for my other daughter, Katie.  I was saving this for a shirt for me, but I'm still losing weight and don't know what my final size will be.  In the meantime, I think she'll love a new little orange dress.  I've sewn this McCalls pattern before so it should be done in about 3 days.  Right now, I'm on the road, so I'll post about this one when I get back home and can finish it up.

I gotta say, it's so good to be able to sew again.  Gosh, I've been away from my machines for so long, I had to get out the instructions to refresh on how to use them again.  I still have some residual shakiness from my illness, but it seems to only affect threading the machine needles, and there are helps out there for not a biggie.  I'm sure it'll get better with a little more time.  Anyway, its great to get creative again, shakiness or none. 

Until the next time........

                                                       ~~~ Karen ~~~


  1. You've REALLY been sewing up a storm - that top is gorgeous!! I'm genetically incapable of garment sewing, so I really appreciate someone who can do it, lol. LOVE your new motor home!!!

  2. Hello, your are busy sewing. The top is lovely. The materials is cute for the blankets. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  3. Love the maternity top!! So happy you are being creative again, Karen! Keep sharing please!

  4. the top looks really nice. i never learned to sew...

    thank you for your kind comment, too.


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