Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Old Things -- Nature's Reclamations

Shack from the side
On a recent trip from Charlotte, NC, we found this old structure along I-77.

You can't see it from the highway although its less than 100 feet from it.

We had pulled off the highway looking for a campground, but we pulled down the wrong road which dead ended at this old cabin.

It looks abandoned, but someone is using it.  It looks like the only thing holding it together is the tangle of vines.
Shack's front entrance


  1. I'm glad it was still daytime when you got there. Would have creeped me out to see it at dusk, with perhaps a flickering candle in one of the windows. Adventures like that are always fun though!!

  2. I LOVE seeing old structures - hard to believe someone's using this one though!~ Wow. Great pics.


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