Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Beach Getaway pictures

My last posting was all about our trip to the Outer Banks for a 3-day get-away with our daughter who took time off work for a visit.   Love spending time with our kids even though they are no longer kids.

I thought I'd post just a few more pictures of her and her Dad's 1st hang-gliding adventures.

Here's Lee testing out the gear
 Here he is getting ready for take-off
 Here's Katie testing her gear.
 Katie's take-off...
 And....she's flying !

Along the dunes you can easily see all kinds of animal tracks.  How many tracks can you identify?  The museum at the entrance has a great tutorial about the tracks.
 I really liked the contrast of this dead tree against the sand and sky.
 A "field" of flowers along the dunes
 Jockey Ridge State Park's buildings are powered by the wind.
Human Tracks in the Sand

 Here we are at the beach at sunrise....someone forgot their sunglasses the day before.
 Sun rising from the sea...
Another forgotten toy casting long shadows at sunrise.
 A tern preening in the sunshine after climbing the remains of what had been a magnificent castle.
 Sea spray

 Sea turtle nest site
 Small crab tracks
Meanwhile, back at the pool....brass birds keep watch over some young'uns....
 Dune grass bathed by the morning sun
Sunset over the bay (from our balcony).

Until next time, God's Blessings to you and have a nice weekend...

                                                   ~~ Karen ~~


  1. Wonderful pictures, Karen! How nice that you had such a great get-away with one of the girls! I can never get up early enough for sunrise when I'm on vacation. Pretty good at sunsets, though! :) Keeping you in my prayers!!

  2. Oh you're making me so homesick for the beach....I didn't get to the beach once this year, and now it's cold again. So very glad you had such a good time - great pics!!


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