Monday, September 28, 2015

Just Kicks and Giggles

 I was going through my pictures and came across this one that my daughter sent me of a recent shopping trip to the grocery.  My youngest grandbaby has personality, that's for sure.  This picture always makes me smile.
She really got excited upon discovering this special shopping cart made "just for her" .  Wish I could have been there with her, too.  She's such a hoot.

This weekend was spent finishing up painting the credenza for my sewing room.  I'll be working on the doors today.  I'm anxious to get this project to a quasi-finished point before I go into the hospital on Thursday.  After surgery, they say I won't feel good again for a couple of months.  So, I'm anxious to get this old project off the table, literally. I'll take a couple of pictures later today for another day's blog.

Until next time........peace and blessings............

                                                     ~~ Karen ~~


  1. She is beyond adorable, Karen! Keeping you extra close in my thoughts and prayers this week! Can't wait to see your latest project finished! Love & hugs!

  2. That credenza is all painted now, and Lee went out yesterday and bought a top for it. Now, he has to hang the doors and remount the hardware...that shouldn't take him very long. I haven't seen the top of my kitchen table since last June, boy it looks great. Hard to believe its been that long since I started my treatments. It didn't take long to sand and paint this thing, but it did take some muscle which I haven't had for a long long time. Whew! It feels sooooo good to feel good again, at least for the next couple of days :) Got the spare room ready for Vinnie's visit. He's coming down for the surgery so that Lee (and I) won't be alone. He's even going to miss his brother-in-law's wedding. I told him he needn't come down and that he should go to the wedding, but now I'm glad he's going to be here. Will let you know how things go. Love and hugs right back at you, dear friend.

  3. That's - tomorrow!!! Praying hard for you, dear Karen!!!!


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