Thursday, September 10, 2015

In the Garden this Week

This week's garden is going into hibernation.  We're mostly to blame for the lack of color and blooms because we gave up gardening and landscaping this year with the onset of my health issues.   Yet, there are bits hanging about that make my heart sing scattering their charms about.

This little brass bunny candle holder has been a part of our lives for decades (about 20 years now).  When our girls were young, they joined 4-H and raised bunnies for their projects.  One day that 1st year, we saw this cutie at a garden store, and nothing would do until we acquired it for our new patio.  She has graced our gardens ever since and has seen so many changes.  My, the stories she could tell....porch remodelings, chats of children, hurricanes and tornadoes, births of 4-H bunnies and their deaths, badmitten games, neighbor boys tp-ing the yard, small little girls growing into women, birthday parties, a puppy being toilet trained, dear and coyote visits, hayrides, bonfires, apple harvests, quiet visits of humming birds and bees and butterflies, trees and roses being planted, garden fences being erected, Halloween parties, swing sets being built and torn down, first kisses, fist fights, family arguments, family embraces and family reunions, and she was there watching the auctioning off of many of our belongs, and folks viewing our home when it was being sold.  She moved with us and saw more sights....rabid racoons, theives, bald eagles chasing down small pets, snakes and all sorts of bugs from the swamps nearby....Oh yes, the stories she could tell.

Right below her quietly sits this pretty little bunny donning her succulents around her shoulders.  I found her one day in another garden center and became enamored immediately.  She's been with us nearly as long as her brass sister hanging above her.  She's held many herbs and pothos through the years and finally this little succulent.  This is the second year she's nurtured this original plant.  With the onset of Spring, I moved her from the tabletop to a more sheltered area under the eaves.  She seems quite happy overlooking that happenings at the grill, and her little plant is thriving out of the scorching afternoon sun.  Soon, she'll be moving into a sunny window in the garage when the frosts come.

The only splash of color left in the backyard right now is this tenacious butterfly plant.  Gosh, they grow so big in this climate.  So very different than back home in Ohio.  Few things have seemed at home in this location, but this little plant is dominating this corner.   She's all but swallowed up the carnations and liriope next to her.
Now, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for copper.  So, of course when I found this copper bird feeder several years ago in a big box store, I had to pick it up.  It soon became apparent that we needed to discontinue placing bird seed in it, though.  It's designed poorly, and the seed gets soaked quickly by rain rendering it useless as a feeder.  Yet, it's still so very pretty hanging here adorning the corner of a very plain garage.  I like it's little elegance tucked into the nadinia hedge.  Earlier this year it tried to be useful again, serving as a trellis for an unfortunate Kudzu invasion.  Poor thing, it tried, but we ended that thorny relationship quickly.  

Well, I hope you liked my little journey around the garden this week.   It's still quite warm here with the temps in the 90s, but the days are getting much shorter.  The leaves are beginning to fall, and the dogwoods are turning from shades of greens to golds.  Autumn will be here soon.  I hope you're enjoying what's left of the summer, though.   

Until next time.....God Bless.

                          ~~ Karen ~~



  1. I did enjoy our stroll around your garden. The yellow in the butterfly bush is a cheerful
    sight. And the bunnies are still cute even if a little aged - the patina on the brass is really nice. Enjoy the rest of the week.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around your lovely yard and garden. Very well written! You are a master with words, dear friend. Made me feel like I was right beside you. Love & hugs. T.

    1. Gee, one has called me a master of words...makes me smile. Gotta tell you that after I wrote this last night, I thought, with some amusement, how my profs would have thoroughly marked this up in red. They drilled and drilled passive tenses and adverbs out of me....things frowned upon in scientific writings...LOL. I always called it the Jack Webb approach..."Just the facts, Mam"

  3. I love those little bunnies - if only they could talk, eh? The leaves are really starting to change around here in Michigan, I'm so not ready for it....

    1. Oh, I know how you feel, Allie. I always dreaded the gray cold of winter bearing down after the Fall back in Ohio. Putting the garden to rest, so sad. I'm a Summer girl for sure. The one nice thing about Autumn here is the mild weather. We went to the Outer Banks a few days ago, and the weather was perfect. We slept with the screen door open listening to the waves. Can't remember the last time I did THAT.


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