Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Credenza, Project for the Sewing Room

A few months ago I wrote of salvaging the bookshelves that we tore out of what had been the den in this house, and using it in my sewing room (see posting here) .  You may remember the whole thing looked like this when we bought this place. We couldn't save all the shelving, but we were able to pull 2/3 of cabinetry and all the shelves from the trash heap.
Den before, note cabinetry below the shelves

Den after the remodeling, Now Laundry Rm
I've finally finished the base of the credenza -- patched, sanded, painted and parked in its new resting place.  The paint needs a few more days to cure (especially now that it has been raining and the air is very very humid).  It'll take some nice dry days before I can start putting fabric on the shelves, but I'm really looking forward to starting to use it for my stash's storage.  The top is just a piece of white laminated shelving from Lowes.  It's not what I had in mind, but it works just fine.  It'll be nice to unpack my stash from those large plastic containers soon.

Credenza Before Refinishing

Patching Credenza
Credenza Painted with Laminate Top 77"

There are two shallow shelving units that will fit on top, but I haven't even begun working on those yet.  They're still in the garage housing my hubby's odds and ends...but they're next.  They aren't very deep, but they should hold a plethora of odds and ends.  I'll have to cut about 3-4 inches off the bottom so they clear the crown molding in the sewing room....I don't want to mess with crown molding....I'm neither that ambitious nor talented! LOL
Shelving from the Den

The last step was to get these doors' hardware remounted, and then hanging them back onto the credenza.  I'm using the original 1950s hardware which is copper (see the top picture).  Oh, I do love copper.
Doorbacks of Credenza painted
Here's the finished project for now.  I'm just really loving those copper hinges and pulls.  The shelving will just have to wait in the garage until next Spring for me to get to them.

Credenza, finished
So, as some of you know, I'm going into the hospital for surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor and the surrounding tissues.  The docs say I won't be feeling well again for a couple of months.  Based on what they're saying, I may not be blogging for quite awhile, so don't be surprised if I go silent again for some time.  I'll be back as soon as I canh thoug, and I'm sure I'll have many stories to tell.

So, until the next time ......... peace and blessings to you all.

                                                           ~~ Karen ~~


  1. Karen, I LOVE the finished credenza! It looks just great! It's nice that you have a good project waiting for you to feel good again - and you will. Feel the love and prayers flowing over you, dear friend!! Love & hugs.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you like it, Terri. And, I do feel the love, and it feels great. Love you dear friend.

  3. I LOVE what you've done with this, Karen!!! You are in my prayers hon, update when you can, hugs!!!!


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