Friday, July 10, 2015

Since I'm house-bound/couch-bound for awhile, I'm working on sorting and labeling some digital photos that I've been neglecting.  Thought I'd share a few that didn't put in my post about Katie's graduation last May (you can find it here, if you missed it).

Now, I didn't get any pictures myself, so these were taken by the University, Julie and daughter-in-law, Lisa.
Sister, Julie, placing Katie's hood

Katie in uniform for 1st part of ceremony

Katie and Julie before the ceremonies begin

Some of the Grands enjoying Old Man's Cave
Sorry about the pixelating.  Some cameras had higher resolutions than others, so when I increased the size here, the resolution and therefore, the pixel density decreased....oops.  I'll try to do better next time.



  1. Now that's a chore that I'm dreading, lol - I've been trying to sort old pics into folders by subject, keeping the dates intact. Way more work than regular print photos, which I have in binders by year! Katie is just lovely.

    1. It's a big big job for sure. I keep putting it off, too, which adds to my workload. Its a beast of my own creation LOL. You, Allie, are leaps and bounds ahead of me....all my binders are sitting at the ready....yup, pictures in boxes :) Katie is a bit of a goofball, too, can you tell?

  2. I'm loving Google Photos, since it puts the photos in date order. Makes it easier to find things, but I really need to clean up my Picasa images. I'm so proud of your girls!! They are super smart, just like their mom!! Love you! Hugs & prayers!


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