Saturday, July 4, 2015

A New Adventure

...and my words to him were, "What? Cancer...again? Is it melanoma, kidney metastasis?"  He gently said, "No.  Its esophageal.  A whole new kind, malignant.  Probably Stage II...maybe III.  Can't stage until we remove it.  Tomorrow, we need another CTscan.... "  

It took me 2 days to Google my prognosis, yeah, I was apprehensive about learning about this one.  The numbers are scary, can't lie.

There are two things I want to say here. 

Most Importantly - If you are living with GERD, be aware that it is a serious condition, and you must be diligent that it doesn't turn into Barrett's Esophagus.  Talk to your doc.  Read up on it at a reputable site like the Mayo Clinic's site.  Please enlighten yourselves and your loved ones that may have GERD.

Secondly - I am undergoing Chemo and Radiation for the next few months, and am getting pretty shaky and weak.  I find it difficult to type, so I probably won't be posting often.  But I do hope to continue to upload some pictures and link up when I can.  Please know, I'm reading and following you all, so keep me entertained, okay LOL.  Seriously, I truly treasure you, my Blogger Family, and wish I could share with you stories of all the AMAZING people and sweet souls I'm meeting along my New Adventure.  So many wonderful folks with wonderful gifts they share generously.

Until next time



  1. You know I am praying for you daily and have several prayer warrior friends doing the same. Stay positive, Karen!! Love you, dear friend.

    1. Love you, too, Terri. I'm staying focused on all that is positive lying in store for me -- like visiting you and Joe asap :) <3

  2. Just now reading this, and am starting praying right now!!! Many years ago, I had a boyfriend who had this, stage four - and he survived it. Extremely aggressive treatment, but it worked. Post when you can, you're in my thoughts and prayers always!

    1. Thank you so much, Allie. It means so much to hear of survivals, really really does. The treatment is quite aggressive, and dicey, but I'm trying not to think too far ahead to the really scary parts. Trying to hand my worries off to the Lord, He's doing the driving now anyway, as always, huh :) Hugs.


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