Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yard Working

Its so nice seeing Spring arrive.  Virginia is truly beautiful in the Spring.  The white dogwoods, pink redbuds, yellow forsythia, and all sorts of azaleas all in bloom all at once while the sun starts to warm the Earth. 

Over the last two years that we've lived here, we've done some work in the yard, but most of the work has centered around renovating the interior of the house. This year we're pretty much done with the house, and we can now set our sights on the yard.  One of the things that has bothered me are these sweet little bulbs that have been scattered around our small yard.

 And so are these.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do love these beauties.  However, after the flowers are gone, we're left with several large areas of weediness.  Very unattractive. 

All the daffodils are spent now, so this week, I'm going to dig up some of the bulbs and transplant them into flower beds, and the rest are headed for the compost.  Then we'll have to put plugs of Zoysia grass in the holes, and hopefully, the barren spots will fill in this summer. 

Do you have any projects you plan to attend to this summer?

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  1. No projects for the yard. I do loathe yard work. I look forward to seeing yours, though!

  2. No projects for our yard - well, maybe take down a tree before it takes down the roof, lol. We just had snow last week, so the only thing blooming are the magnolia trees.

  3. Pretty flowers, but I like your plan. I started weeding some yesterday, did a bit more today, but still have TONS left. Last years project was digging up about 4/5th of what was planted. Gave away hundreds of starts, threw some in the dump where they compost in hopes of things looking less like a jungle. I don't know if it worked. Started cutting back the daffodils and junkles (sp), like you said, they spent and done. Iris are starting up, but it will be awhile before they bloom.
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