Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Virginia Remodel -- Dining Room

This house came with a formal dining room that adjoined the living room via a 4' arched doorway.  The cornice a shudders gave it great character, but those shutters were broken, like the others throughout the house.  It broke our realtor's heart  when I removed this cornice, but we couldn't open the upper shutters in order to tilt the windows in to clean them....nor to take the shutters down.
Before ~~
Dining Room Before Reno
As a designated dining room was on the small side.  At 12' x 11' it was plenty big enough to seat 8, but it felt a bit cramped with little room for any storage.  So, we decided to open it up to the kitchen, and place a french door in place of the window to give us access to the backyard. 
Dining Room Window to be replaced with French Doors

French Doors installed, wall above trim patched
After ~~
By combining the two rooms, we gained 6" more floor space that the previous wall had used.  We were able to use this little bit of extra space to gain some flexibility in the design of the new kitchen layout. 
New ceiling throughout, and new oak flooring weaved into old floors of the dining room
We painted the wall adjoining the laundry room an accent of deep blue; the trim and doors are of Gypsum, and the walls are a pale mint.  Did you notice that I painted a strip of the blue accent above the double windows above the sink, too?  The fixture above the table is the one that came with the house.  Its a burnished silver, 6-light candelabra.
Taken from the doorway to living room
This feels much more homey to me.  We had a formal dining room in our old home, and we seldom used it.  This seems a much more comfortable arrangement for us.  Plenty of seating space for 8+ when needed.


  1. lovely light ceiling and beautiful floors. :)

  2. I really love the changes you made to these two rooms, Karen. You two should have your own show on HGTV. I'm serious!

  3. This is a very smart reno, much more user friendly. Love the blue but then I love blue.


  4. EXCELLENT decisions - that is just gorgeous,and so homey!

  5. Great use of this space!!! You will love it!


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