Friday, February 13, 2015

Warm Wishes

It turned cold here this week....well, cold for this area.  Yesterday started out lovely and I needed to go to the lab for a routine blood draw.  Lee accompanied me since it was so warm (66 degrees).  When we got out of the hospital, it was 20 degrees colder.  We decided  to dash off to Walmart while we were out to pick up a loaf of our favorite bread for breakfast this weekend.  He likes it best for making his famous french toast.   When we left the store, it had dropped 10 more degrees, and there were big chunky wet snowflakes falling.  How pretty they were, but neither of us had a coat on, and we were getting chilled.  

Luckily, I had started this pot roast earlier in the morning.  As soon as  we got home, I popped the bread into the oven, and put a few potatoes in the pot.  It sure did hit the spot on a snowy evening.

Wishing you all warm thoughts and a lovely Valentines Day.  Until next time...........

                                                ~~ Karen ~~


  1. Oh, I'd love a big serving of that for lunch!! With the bread, please! Perfect food for dropping temperatures. I see you moved to VA to be closer to your children... our daughter and SIL moved to VA going on 7 years ago... had two precious grandsons... I understand the temptation to move and am so happy you are able to be near them. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  2. yum!!! i love walmart's italian loaf bread. i eat a TON of it. :)

  3. My all-time favorite meal!! I can almost smell it!! Yum!

  4. Wow that is cold for you - it was -12 here this morning, colder tonight. ARGH. And look, I could have had pot roast instead of chili - you're making me hungry all over again, lol!


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