Monday, February 23, 2015

Virginia Remodel -- Master Bath

Last week we toured our Main Bathroom.  This week, Our Master Bathroom redo .... so far.

Before --  This is a tiny but functional room, typical of the 1950s.  Its full of thin brittle tile of an unfortunate color.
Yes, the wall tile is literally "Sunshine Yellow" with white grout.  The basket-weave patterned floor tile is a "gold-ish" color with grey grout.  Shudder....kinda jarring.  Well, it definitely wakes you up in the morning, that's for sure.  You can see in this shot those ubiquitous broken shutters and the dreaded cracked gross toilet seat.  Of course, all are gone now.
This oak medicine cabinet was a bi-fold with a center cubby.  It was centered on the wall because it was 40" long, and the vanity is only 22".  I'm not sure if much thought was put into the placement of this thing at all .  The most puzzling part of this arrangement was the 5-light fixture which heated up this space quickly to intolerable levels. I imagine it was to help put light into the shower stall where there was none whatsoever. Still, it was like showering in a adventure, indeed.
Copper colored shower door. Rough Opening 24" wide
The inside of the stall is fairly large....5'x3'....which is plenty of space, but it was very dark in there --even with that massive light fixture.
From inside the shower, you can see how the tiles have cracked from the house settling through the years.  We have since smeared clear silicon caulking on the cracks so the water doesn't leak into the sub-flooring any more than it has already.  If we stay, all this tile will go, but for now this is how it has to be. 
After --  Although it needs a great deal more work, we have done quite a bit, so far.

It started one day while we were shopping at Menards (in Ohio) for some things for our daughter's apartment.  We found a cute little 22" vanity on clearance (the only one left, grey).  It came with a nice white ceramic sinktop as well.....$56 out the door!  Well, it was perfect for this space and well worth carrying around in the back of the car until we got back to Virginia. 
 What good is a new sink without a new faucet to go with it?
Of course, with a new vanity installed, we had to get rid of that huge medicine cabinet and get one that would fit over the sink.  After removing the old one, we found there once had been a hole in the wall where the original recessed cabinet lived.  We opened up the hole's patchwork, measured, and found a new cabinet that fit inside quite nicely....$14.
There was one little problem, though; the wiring from a light switch in the adjoining closet was buried in the void and needed to be moved out of the way.  It was a bit of work, but we finally got 'er done....Huzzah.  Next we patched the walls and painted -- left-over grey enamel from the walls in the main bath, left-over white enamel from the ceiling in the main bath, and Behr's Gypsum trim enamel for the window trim and crown molding.
Now, we have a new cabinet.  But wait!  While we were at it, I ran new wiring to a new fixture.  This one has only two lights. 
Oh, and by the way......while we were doing electrical things, I put a light in the ceiling of the shower stall, too (sorry, no picture) .  What a HUGE difference!  I can actually see my legs while I'm shaving them! is much safer now.

We removed the old mirror from the door, painted it, and put up a couple of robe hooks.  We added a little black shelf from Ikea and a small open wall-shelf from K-Mart.  More Battenburg curtains at the window, a shaving mirror, a rug on the floor, and we're done....for now.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this long tour of such a tiny room. 

So, until next time .......
                                                     ~~ Karen ~~


  1. Excellent job! I like the gray color on the walls. It tones down the yellow tile a bit. You two could start your own show on HGTV....seriously!

    1. LOL, They wouldn't want us, Terri. Those hosts smile alot to look pretty....we just frown too much during these reno's ..... mostly from all the head-scratching :) Relocating that junction box in the recess lasted about 2 weeks while I tried to figure out how where all those wires disappeared to in the walls. So many combinations and permutations !!

  2. light in the shower is needed! like your light fixture, too!

  3. Looks like you've done quite the work! I love to see the difference remodeling makes. Last year I fixed up my bathroom! The only thing is now I start to see tears in wallpaper, ceilings that need to be re-painted, etc...I see work that needs to be done everywhere!

    1. Isn't that the way it is, Bethany. We don't see all the work we've done, jut the stuff yet to do.

  4. Oh how lovely - you've made a tremendous difference already!

  5. Oh my gosh, such an improvement!! I had an old 50s bathroom once. The tile was bright pink. Yuck.

    1. Ah, those were the days! Turquoise, too! I remember accompanying my folks to pick out new bathroom fixtures. So many color choices. I wanted them to pick out the purple toilet and sink, but they chose the coral ones instead. I pouted for days. Purple was my favorite color. Wonder how many purple (grape) toilets were sold back then....probably not many ;)

  6. If you and your hubby would like to travel just a few hours, I have a tiny 1984 bathroom ready for fixing up! You've done a great job on yours ... will you do mine next?

    I had lost track of blogging for awhile ... thank you for keeping me on your sidebar, and for visiting.


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