Monday, February 16, 2015

Virginia Remodel, Main Bathroom

Time for another Remodel Before and After.....So far I've shown you our Den to Laundry Room Conversion, here; the new look for our hallway, here; and the kitchen remodel, here.  This week let me share our main bathroom's latest update.

Before -
Again, Everyone say HALLELUIAH that we don't have smellivision!  This heavy pink shower curtain had suffered a few attacks of sewage back-up through the years.  We discovered this the hard way....twice....ourselves before we moved in. Once we took them down, we decided it was best to just put them in the trash.  The other major issue was the toilet seat.  The day we got the keys to this place, we brought along 2 toilet seats to replace these wooden ones.  They had both split in two over the years, and the previous owner had patched this seat and the one in the master bedroom with metal plates.  Guess he didn't want to part with $11 for new ones at K-mart.  Good Grief and  Eeww.

On the other hand, the shutters were quite charming in here.  Most of the windows in this house were shuttered, but unfortunately, all were broken...each one of them.  It was a shame, but we had to take all of them down and patch the holes in the window framing (some were nailed in with 4-in. nails, for cryin' out loud).  Yet, there is so much more light and cheerfulness in the rooms now.  Simple Battenburg curtain panels that I had in my stash provides some privacy.

Another issue in this room was this stained wallpaper from the 80s.  The walls are plastered, and this paper refused to let go.   I thought I'd never finish peeling it off; but at last, after weeks of scraping, it was gone, and I could paint.  The color matches the center tiles in the original ceramic floor.

We decided to install a nice large medicine in-wall cabinet since storage is at a premium here.  While shopping for the cabinet, we found these sconces that seemed in keeping with the mid-century they were on sale, Huzzah!  So we replaced the 80s overhead fixture with these.  Simple and bright.

We've kept the oak vanity.  (Yes, it's been thoroughly cleaned after all our sewage backup events.) If we stay here, we'll replace it with a smaller cabinet that will center the sink under the medicine cabinet and  original ceramic soap and toothbrush holders. For now, it is okay as it is. The same goes for that old toilet.  Someday I want to replace it and it's twin in the master bath.

Here's how it looks today.  If we end up doing something with this vanity in the future, I'll give ya'll an update. 

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Until next time.................            ~~Karen~~


  1. So much better!! Those pink curtains....ugh! Much better!

  2. WAY WAY WAY better - now it's gorgeous!

  3. You have made some good choices with the updates. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this blog post.


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