Monday, February 9, 2015

Virginia Remodel - Hallway

I've been posting about the remodeling of our home of 2 years here in Virginia, and thought I'd carry on the theme this week with more Before and After shots.  Today's focus is on the hallway.

Before -- One of the most dreary places on Earth was our hallway, mostly due to the lack of light given off by this kattywhompus fixture just hanging on by a prayer....

Now this is a long hallway that was lit by this puny 40 Watt equivalent compact fluorescent hanging on by a prayer.  Granted, it looks fairly bright in this shot, but that's because I had painted the ceiling and walls with white primer.  Trust me, it was really dark in there, especially at night.  (I wish I had taken a picture of it before priming everything.)  You'll just have to imagine it with ecru walls and ecru ceiling (and ecru trim, too -- the previous owners just spray-painted everything before listing it for sale).  Hint, imagine living inside a large cardboard box.  Yeah, it had been that drab.

After -- So, one day while Lee was off to Home Depot, I caught a wild idea and went with might say I was thinking "Out Of Cardboard The Box".  Well, there I was holding a paint can with a small amount of blue paint left over from painting the master bedroom walls.  Yep, you guessed it.  On a whim I decided to slap it up on the ceiling....just for kicks and giggles, don't you know, and DAG!  I kinda liked it!  So the next thing to do was to convince Lee to look at a new light for this space while he was still in shock. Now, Lee is pretty conservative fellow, so he was still reeling from the blue ceiling when I dragged him back to the store.  It took some doing, but I finally convinced him that this "fancy" 3-light fixture would be a perfect replacement for that old 40-Watt excuse "wonder" that we were using.  He finally agreed to give it a try, and, SURPRISE!  He liked it!  So, this is what we have now.....

It certainly gets the job done, and adds a little bit of bling to such a little-appreciated space.  I love the way the light dances off the walls, too. We've since replaced that string on the attic access with a brass chain that matches the dark brass ribs of the light fixture.

Now, I must say that I fretted about what colors to use on the wall here for months.  We were busy painting and fixing things up in the other rooms, leaving the hallway go until last, and everyday I'd stand there trying to figure out a good color scheme.  Well, like before, one day I kinda got tired of worrying around about it, and just used up all my leftover paints in that hall (after all, the ceiling worked out so well for me, wink).  So here it is.....

Below the chair-rail is the midnight blue from our kitchen's accent wall, and above the rail is a very very pastel celery from our living room.  The trim and doors are of an off-white called Gypsum (by Behr).  I'm not thrilled with the pale pale celery, but its fine for a friend of mine always says "It's good enough for the people who are going to live here". 

Hope you enjoyed the tour.... until next time..............    ~~Karen~~

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  1. i like that new light fixture! sure brightens up the place!

  2. An amazing transformation!! Wow. Lighting can work wonders, and the colors look good.

  3. You did a great job on the changes. Definitely looks better.

  4. Hi Karen, you have lots of umph to keep at your house project for 2 years. Wow, hadn't realized it had been that long. Makes me tired thinking about it, lol. Was viewing a video on yoga a little while ago, but...still sitting here, getting no exercise, lol. Hope things are going well for you, sorry it's been so long since I've visited.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Hi Sandy, Love seeing you here, again. Spring is bound to be back in Ohio again, then you can get back out there once more.

  5. Love the midnight blue and the light fixture! Beautiful remodel!

  6. it looks very nice!! i really like it!!

  7. What a gorgeous transformation - LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue ceiling!! And that light fixture is gorgeous!!

  8. Hi Karen, your hallway looks really nice and I love your new ceiling light. It casts such pretty patterns on your ceiling.


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