Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Preparing for the New

Hope you all had a nice Christmas Season.  Its such a busy time preparing for the big day, and a time to remember our childhood and people we've loved and spent good times with in Christmas' past.  
Time keeps marching on, though, dagnabit, and soon it will be New Year's Eve.  Are you ready for 2015?  Heck, I'm not caught up with 2014 yet! LOL.

Are you making a list?  I'm such a  non-conformist that I've always made it a point to NOT make a list for the New Year.  Why disappoint myself anymore than necessary as I see it.  Lately, though, I've found myself thinking in terms of lists. Strange, huh!

So, my latest list is all the places I'd like to tour during the Christmas Season to come.  Like, New York, Paris, Montreal, Savannah, Park City, Chicago, Vancouver, Vienna, etc.  I'd love to see those cities decorated for the Holidays, but come back in time to spend the big day with Family, of course.

Another is my sewing list.  Of course, that list is made of mostly of my UFOs (unfininshed objects). It also includes getting this credenza and bookshelves painted and moved into my sewing room....

And finishing the seat covers for this high chair pad for our granddaughter, Wrenn....

And sewing together the baby quilt I've been embroidering with my kitten designs fashioned after this one...

 And finishing re-upholstering this (and another) chair....

I know, I know.  Kinda boring.  Nothing imaginative or creative, and all these things are kinda "old hat" now because they've been hanging around so long.  I guess that's the nature of UFOs; yet, I'm anxious to get started on them.  It will be really nice to have these projects off my plate.  Just getting that credenza finished will add so much storage in the ole' sewing room; then maybe the rest of the projects will fall into place. 

Sew, until next time....



  1. Nice job on your projects! I have my share of UFO sewing projects as well...

  2. Not boring at all, Karen! You are right to get the credenza done and installed, because that will give you incentive to get organized and started on the rest of your UFOs. I finished a couple of things last week, and it does feel good to not have unfinished business hanging over my head! Hugs!!

  3. lots of creativity there! i like the ants climbing the hill, too. :)

  4. We all have those UFO's! Mine are mostly craft/painting projects. Always something that needs to be done!!!

  5. Wow those shelves will be wonderful - that's the one thing I need in here is storage. If you go to any of those places you'd better come get me first, lol. I remember one year they had $26 tickets to Paris out of Detroit and we had no passports - I was so bummed, lol. That would have been fun to celebrate Christmas there. Good luck on your UFO's, I really should pull mine out and see what all there is - although just the thought scares me!


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