Sunday, December 7, 2014

Memories of home

This past week I've been going through old dvd/cds and boxes of high school mementos that I've accumulated for my kids through the years.  So, its no surprise that I've found some photos of our last home in Ohio, and thought you'd enjoy some of my snapshots.

salvaged wood gathered for a teepee
It was located on about 3 acres atop a hill that used to be an apple orchard.

At the rear of the property was a wooded ravine and our back property line ran along the stream.

There were many things to discover back there, and our kids loved to play in the woods and along the stream.

 Here's the main path back up the hill to our backyard.  It took a few years to get the underbrush cleared and the drainage lines covered.
A Winter's peek at the back of our house coming out of the woods.

This is a field near our home that was home to a few horses for many years.
On Slough Rd.
This is an old homestead down the road from us that the once-young owners spent many years least 25 years (and still counting.)

Finally, a Winter's view of the woods from our backyard.

Until next time ~~~Karen~~~


  1. Your home was beautiful, Karen. Glad I got to visit you there before y'all moved!

  2. Me, too, Terri. Wished you could have come in to visit longer.


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