Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Throwback Thanksgiving - 37 Years Ago

Thanksgiving has always been a special Holiday for me, but it changed in 1977, when it began to be our Anniversary, too.  This year, our Anniversary falls on Thanksgiving Day, and we're spending it with each other alone.  We learned (the hard way) that trying to celebrate and enjoy our anniversary, we should not be with family.

That was the weekend I married my hubby, Lee.  We decided to have the wedding on Thanksgiving weekend so our out of town families would have time off work and could travel to join us.  Well, it worked out well in that respect....that is until the blizzard, which started right before the ceremony on Saturday. 

Lee's mom and nephews at our 1st house with Lee and our younguns -- no snow

Our rehearsal dinner at the Kahiki, Columbus, Ohio -- no snow
After the ceremony, Doug, me with a giant headache, my sister Betty, and Vince -- 4 inches of snow

The story:
So, all was going really well, thanks to our families.  We had a really nice Thanksgiving on Thursday with my Mom's family and Lee's folks, and a wonderful rehearsal on Friday with the subsequent rehearsal dinner.  Lee's friends from school came down on Friday night, and we all spent a fun evening at the Kahiki Polynesian Supper Club after the rehearsal dinner.  All was just great until Saturday morning.  It seems that, even though I had only one drink after the dinner, it was made more potent than I assumed it was .... thanks to Lee and/or his one is accepting blame yet to this day.  Saturday morning, I was sooooo sick....hung over.  I didn't know if I'd ever get away from knealing in front of the throne, and the time to leave for the church was bearing down.  I finally made it out of the bathroom, but I couldn't to get my contacts in to save my soul, so my Mom's nephew (a realtor in Akron, Ohio) said he'd drive me the 25 miles to the church. 

Akron has its fair share of snow and ice and winds, so you'd think a Realtor (who drives in all this for a living!) wouldn't be fearful of a few flurries starting to blow along the way, but he was.  He kept saying how wasn't accustomed to driving a small car in this kind of weather, so we went only 35-40 mph on the freeway. Sigh.  It took us 1.5 hours to make that trip.  I blew into the church (in my jeans without contacts in yet) 5 minutes before the ceremony was to begin.....well, I at least got there.  Now, Kids, this was before cell phones, so my husband (and guests and pastor and organist) were beginning to wonder..ALOT..luckily, the organist knew more songs than we planned for.  I finally made it down the aisle, and after the pictures were taken, we walked out to find snow up to our ankles. 

Oh my gosh.  Somehow, we got married, and made it back home after the reception (another story).  Sunday morning we walked out the airplane and were so happy to leave Columbus and all that snow behind for a few days.

Sailing, St. Thomas
We sailed, and swam, and snorkeled, and shopped.  It was lovely.  Although I missed the boys I knew they were being well cared for by Mom.  When we got back home we set about making our new house our home.
Christmas at Mom's, our 1st as a family
Tomorrow we will have been married 37 years.  We have four children and eight grandchildren.  We have so much to be thankful for, and we plan a nice, quiet day.  I'll pop a pumpkin pie in the oven in the morning, and we'll have a small ham with cheesy potatoes and  the obligatory green bean casserole for dinner.  No fuss, just a low-fuss day celebrating and remembering the good times we've had so far. 

May you all, Good Readers, have a day full of love and good memories.  Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. such cute photos and a look back! enjoy your quiet anniversary!

  2. Thanks, Theresa, we'll try....Maybe this is the year he confesses to spikin' my drink. Have a super weekend, yourself.

  3. Happy Anniversary AND Happy Thanksgiving, Karen (and Lee)!! Love seeing the photos you shared! The time has just flown,hasn't it?! Joe and I hit 30 years in May. Hard to believe.

  4. Happy anniversary and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Thanks, Bethany. Hope you had a nice Holiday, as well.

  6. What a fun story and great pics - Happy Anniversary, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Oh my what a story. I can't help thinking you had a case of food poisoning over being that sick on 1 drink. Well remember the Kahki, what a fun place it was to go. Happy belated anniversary.

    Sandy's Space


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