Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good Fences, Bacon's Castle

Lee an I are trying to visit sites nearby to become more familiar with our new home here in Southern Virginia.  So, a few weeks ago, we took an afternoon ride in the country and passed by a large sign stating "Bacon's Castle, turn right" we did.  Luckily, the museum of of Bacon's Rebellion was open and we took the tour.  Wow!  This place is really, really old.

This house of Jacobean design was built in the 1665 by Arthur Allen and his wife Alice, a wealthy merchant.  His son inherited the house and was a member of the House of Burgess.  This was "the frontier" and Indian raids were a problem that the settlers wanted the Governor to deal with, but he refused to make the effort, and some of the affected landowners, led by Bacon, decided to take the fight to the House of Burgess.  This is known as Bacon's Rebellion, and during said rebellion, Allen's house was taken over by Bacon's men.

This house has been remodeled and added onto by subsequent owners, but its much the same as it was.  Quite interesting architecture and building methods.  Here are some pictures of a few of the property's fences....Enjoy.
The back of the house

The fence continues toward some of the remaining out-buildings

The original homestead while the large home was being built

One of the out-buildings

The garden wall
Garden Wall Close-up
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  1. one of my blogger pals in that area blogs about bacon's castle quite often - several of her family members lived there. :)

  2. That looks like a really interesting place to visit!!!

  3. grat fences at this place and it looks very interesting.

  4. Very interesting post about this place. I have heard of Bacon Castle and have it on my bucket list. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Very interesting! There is so much history in Virginia. We loved living in Northern Virginia, but rarely had a chance to explore much past Charlottesville, going south. Looks like you had a pretty day to explore!

  6. One of the things I love about this meme is being able to learn things like this part of history. Looks like a very interesting place and it has some great fences surrounding it.

  7. this looks like an interesting place to visit. glad you found it and shared.

  8. Very nice pictures of Bacon's Castle. In the 15 years I have been here I have been once. There's just so much to see in the area it's hard to get to it all. Have a nice Sunday.


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