Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chipmunk Revealed

Here are some more photos from our recent trip to Ohio.  I took these on a hiking trail in Portage Lakes State Park.  The last picture is a closeup of the chipmunk that I showed your earlier, here.  I barely captured in mid-flight.  Enjoy....

There's alot going on with this pump that isn't noticeable at first glance

Love the discoloration going on here
Lightening Bug heads toward Aphid (blurry green thing)

Ant creeping up on Lightening Bug

Aphid (still blurry) on right watching this all go down.

As promised, here's the Chipmunk in flight
Until next time ~~Karen~~


  1. cool old pump and nice that you found all the activity.

  2. Neat pump! It is awesome how a close-up look at something that appears to be lifeless can reveal such little creatures enjoying the world!

  3. Ah-ha! Now I see the little guy! Thanks for enlarging it!

    Interesting bugs on the pump. Did the pump still work? It sure looks rusty and probably locked tight. Beautiful patina, though!

  4. Terri, I think the pump still works, but the handle was removed for the winter, so can't say for sure. I thought the patina was really cool.

  5. Lovely photo study.
    Glad you told me that was a chipmunk :)

  6. How beautiful. I especially love your chipmunk, lol, you know I spent the whole summer at my aunt's and she has an OVERLOAD of chipmunks. You think I could get a good pic? They are FAST, lol!


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