Saturday, October 11, 2014

Can you find the chipmunk?  Hint:  He's in midair and kinda blurry, but you can find him by his stripes.

Portage Lakes SP, near Akron, OH

From our walk through the woods yesterday.


  1. Nope....can't find the little critter.

  2. Yup, kinda hard to see...more like impossible. Gotta download the image and then zoom in along the log, then you can see a blurred chipmunk -- all feet off the ground pointing to the left.

    We walked into a nest of them and they were just flying everywhere. I put my camera on auto and snapped about a hundred shots....only could find one with a visible chipmunk.

  3. I think I see him...that sure is a tough one though!

  4. Glad you could find him, Bethany. They sure move fast.


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