Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Travel Time and Football

This past Saturday, my alma mater, The Ohio State University, played Navy in Baltimore.  My son is a BIG Buckeye fan, as am I, invited me to go to the game with him last Wednesday evenin.  Well, how can I refuse such a sweet invitation?  I've never been to a game in person, and have always wanted to go.  Since, I'm not getting any younger, I gleefully accepted!  So, Friday morning Lee and I headed up toward Baltimore to see all the Grands and spend the night.  The next day, Lee, Vince, Lisa, Annalise and I went to the Game via the Metro and light rail.

All the Midshipmen

Here's a few pictures....
Enter the Bucks
There were quite a few sailors that were still trying to leave the field

My, that is one happy face -- yep, that's my boy ;)

Annalise came along, too. 
It was a perfect day....especially since we won!  Warm, but not too warm; overcast, kept the heat down; and we were on the 50 yard line.  Wonderful seats and a terrific view of the field.  As you can see, we were amongst many fellow Buckeyes.  I think the Ohio State fans out-numbered the Navy fans in the stands substantially if you don't count the midshipmen grouped off to the side.

The Big 10 has changed a great deal.  Penn State is still with us, but they're still under suspension from the Bowl games.  Sadly, we no longer have Wisconsin in the conference, but we still have Illinois, Indiana, and the Michigans.  We now play Cincinnati, Rutgers, Maryland, and Virginia Tech, too!  Whhhaaaatttt??? So incredibly unusual; I'm not sure how I feel about it all, but it should be interesting.

When we got back home, we re-watched the game with the kids and another family from church while enjoying Donato's and ice cream sundaes.  The next morning Lee and I went out to find some doughnuts (a traditional treat to the Grands from Grandpa) before everyone got out of bed.  Then after a leisurely breakfast, Lee and I headed back to Southern Virginia.

We missed our exit off I-795 and crossed the bridge to the DelMarVa peninsula.  We took a couple of side-roads and discovered some very pretty little towns....

By the time we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge, it was nearing sunset.  So we stopped at the pier for a bite to eat and to watch the sun start to go down.

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  1. How exciting! So glad "we" won!! Great photos, Karen! Nice trip and great memories!

  2. It really was a great time, Terri. Wondered why we had never done this before, then I remembered the price of a ticket to the Shoe ;)


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