Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Fences - September 4th

I'm posting more photos of our Yorktown trip again for this week's Good Fences.  It was just a spur-of-the-moment idea to drive up there for the afternoon, but it was one of the best days we've spent since moving to Hampton Roads a little over a year ago.  Enjoy....

Opps, I just don't recall the name of this building,

Same place from another angle

Pier with Coast Guard escort docked

Fence including tree

A little enclosed garden area by the beach

The Nelson house
Front of Nelson House

Nelson House with cannon ball scars and a ball still embedded

Just a little sailboat on the river enjoying a good wind
A fence blockading this private beach behind the Museum

Another kind of brick fence, not rounded

A private garden's fence next to the park bench; what a view.

View of the beach and marina from the bluff with a fence around the stairs' landing

The Victory Monument
George Washington requested this Monument be erected in honor of the bravery of the bravery shown here.

Well, that's it for this Good Fences Thursday this week.  We've been traveling a great deal this summer, and I've been capturing more fences to share in the next few weeks....stay tuned.  Be sure to stop by Theresa's  Run*A*Round Ranch Report to see what fun and amazing fences others have shared this week.


  1. I need to start paying more attention to fences when I am out and about. This is a fun Meme, and the photos are great! I would enjoy Yorktown, I think! Love the history.

  2. Makes me yearn to return to this beautiful place!

  3. Great variety of fences and walls. Love them all!

  4. love the brick and the picket, too! really lovely area with some history, too! thanks for linking these!

  5. As close as I live to Yorktown, I have never been. Shame on me. Your pictures are pretty enticing.. so maybe I will have to drive up one day and check that place out.

  6. As close as I live to Yorktown, I have never been. Shame on me. Your pictures are pretty enticing.. so maybe I will have to drive up one day and check that place out.

  7. I enjoyed all your fences but my fav is the picket white fences. So beautiful indeed.

    Please drop in and look at my choice of fences.

    I like to sit back and comment on peoples fences as they take time to post them. I like to show my appreciation to them. I enjoyed all of yours.

  8. YOu have quite a variety of nice fences here. I like the brick wall with the rounded top.

  9. You would enjoy it, Latane. We ate at one of the biker bars (not really, but many bikers there) and the hotel. There's a coffee bar along the river walk that serves sandwiches and such as well. All have good food and service. And there are two trolley cars making the circuit (free), so you don't have to walk up the hillside.

  10. Your photos make me feel like I was there too! What a fun place.

  11. you captured some great fences. I love the historic homes and the brick and stone fences.

  12. Hello!:) You have posted fences galore, and they are all different.The tree in the middle of the wall stands out, it's an unusual sight.Some are so pretty like the one to the private house, and I like the one on the beach too.

  13. Lots of great fences here and interesting things to learn about. My favorite here today was the fence with the tree in it.

  14. Great captures! I think I like the garden fence best with the brick one coming in a close second. Thanks for sharing!

  15. A nice collection of fences. I especially liked them incorporating the tree into the fence rather than cutting it down. Thank you for visiting my Girl in the Cornfield Good Fence.

  16. Excellent series!! [love the turquoise shutters] Your fences are super. The one with the tree in the middle of it all is so unique.

  17. Yorktown looks like a delightful place to wander. I love the historical aspect as well as the beauty found there.

  18. What ever the name is, it's sure lovely. As are all of your fences, quite a collection of so many types of fences too!


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