Monday, September 22, 2014

Computers, a Lesson in Perserverance and Worms

 I've contracted an infection from a dormant worm.

No!  Not this kind of worm!  A stinkin' computer worm!

 Thank goodness my husband has a computer, too, so we could look up how to rid my computer of this burdensome "beast" (if you will allow me to fracture Shakespeare a bit).  I've been offline for so long, I'm sure folks were holding eulogies for me.  "Ah, Karen, I knew her well...." (sorry, Mr. Shakespeare; I'll stop now).

This all happened a week and a half ago, and this morning my dearest, the light of my life, the balm of my existence, my hubby, finally presented me with my fixed computer.   Huzzah!!!

Now, I don't practice "Unsafe Computing"; but several months ago, I inherited this worm during an automatic update of one of those plug-ins like Java or Acrobat etc. that we all have.  At that time, it first turned off my firewall, then Norton, then it ferried in some malware and a Trojan and wormed its way so deeply into my system that we had to format my hard drive.  Needless to say, this took FOREVER (and several Pakistani techies) to fix. 

This time I recognized it right away.  Here's what happened.

When I turned on my computer one day last week, I had to wait for the updates to take place before Windows would launch.  Whoa, Nellie!  My antennae went up right away and bells went off, because I have set my system to NOT install updates automatically after my past bad experience.  Immediately, I checked and found my firewall was down.  Oh-Oh.  Not good.  So, I shut down the internet connection and did some scans.  There were 243 malware problems "found" and fixed.  Dagnabit.  I got onto the net to try to update my Norton to fix any files not found, but no dice....pop-ups all over the place, new windows and new tabs opening like crazy.  My heart sank, and I might have muttered an obscenity because my hubby picked up the gauntlet and put on his Mighty Mouse cape and said, "Never fear, Dear.  I think I can fix it."  Immediately, the lyrics, "Here I Come to Save the Day" popped into my mind, and I felt calmer. (Ah, for you younger readers, Mighty Mouse was a popular cartoon program in the 50s, and the mouse sang the theme song). 

So, this is my maiden voyage, so to speak.  I believe he was successful, but if you want, please wish me luck.

Until next time .....


  1. Good luck!! Our techie guy at the Museum says to never use Java. Just don't even install it. He also said to make an administrator on your computer, and then run as a user, under the administrator. As a user, you can't update anything without signing on as administrator. It has helped us here avoid viruses and malware. Again, good luck!

  2. thanks, Terri. Good advice. I'll have to change out my status to user. Always hesitant to install Java, too, but need it to run some aspects of a program I use. I don't know which program the malware attached itself to, but suspect it was Java or maybe Adobe or Acrobat. I now have some anti- malware programs, hopefully it'll be better.


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