Monday, July 7, 2014

Summertime ... Time to Change it Up a Little

Summertime ...

Another quilt.

Its finally time to take the comforter off the ole bed and replace it with something more light-weight.  I've had this antique quilt put away safely for years to protect it from kids and cats.  Since the kids are grown, and the cats aren't allowed in my bedroom, I've decided to use it. 

My mom and her mother made this back in the 30s.  I think its so pretty.  This is a king-sized bed, but it fits pretty well sideways.  I wish I had asked Mom more about the quilt while she was still alive.

The field is of 8-point stars of all kinds of fabrics and points along the edges.  Very few pieces are repeats.  Many of the prints look
like they are from men's boxer shorts.  Many are small prints from aprons and dresses.  I've often wondered how long they had been collecting the scraps before putting them all together.

The quilting is done in lines that are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.   I think they used sheets for the matrix and the back.


It almost makes me want to start quilting.  

Until next time....



  1. Karen, the quilt is beautiful!! What a wonderful treasure.

  2. so special, so very beautiful!! perfect for summer!!!

  3. Thank you. Its very special to me, and it was to Mom, too.


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