Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In My Garden This Week

A Flowering Succulent
 Its been quite a week here.  We got home Thursday evening from a week in Ohio.  The next day, we woke to find the hot water tank was leaking. 

We just got the heater replaced yesterday afternoon, so I was able to get the dishes and laundry done, at last.  Whew!

Blackeye Susan
We've been avoiding going outside in this sweltering weather since we couldn't take a shower.  Today, we took a walk and did a little yard work.

This purple flower looks like a small aster, but its not.  It sits atop a succulent groundcover.  I've asked the neighbors, but they don't know what its called.  So pretty, isn't it.

These Blackeye Susans are not in our garden, but in our neighbor's.  Aren't they pretty.

 This burgundy Coreopsis, however, is in my back yard, next to the garage.  I purchased it a couple of weeks ago at the Garden Center's half-price sale.  Its struggling, but is surviving, and should be quite pretty next year.

Coreopsis is one of my favorite, low-maintenance perennials.  I may have to move it, but not until next Spring.  

Magnolia (maybe)
I'm not sure what the plant in the last picture is.  I think it might be a magnolia because of the texture of the leaves and the timing of the bloom.  Then again, the leaf shape doesn't resemble a magnolia at all to my eye, but I'm certainly not very knowledgeable about the flora of this area, yet. 

I need to find a good book to help me ID these thins I'm discovering.  

Until next time.....



  1. Hello dear friend! Lovely, lovely flowers! I love black eyed susans - any daisy-like flower. I am not a plant person, however, and have very limited knowledge (no experience) with flowers and plants. There are some weeds that I think are beautiful! LOL

    Glad you have hot water again! I have started taking what I call "tepid" showers. Hot makes me sweat for hours afterwards. Tepid works for me (at least in the summer). I've always heard that a hot shower opens your poors so you sweat. Cold closes them. I shoot for body temperature in the shower and that seems to work for me, down here in this heat and humidity.

    Wishing you a good Wednesday!

  2. pores!! I hate that we can't edit comments!

  3. That's ok, Terri. We're all in the same boat.
    Tepid water is probably better, but
    I've had to take too many cold water bathes to take anything but a warm shower in my autumn years. I'm happy to be stinky for awhile until the hotwater tank issue was fixed. Easy for me to say, 'cause I don't have fellow workers to consider -- teehee.

    So glad you liked my posy pix. I took many more that I'll post later on.


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