Sunday, July 27, 2014

In the Garden this Week, July 27

This week has been the week of plumbing, and more plumbing. First it was the hot water tank, then the toilet decided to start leaking.  Sigh.

At one point we gave serious consideration to replacing it.  This is the 2nd time we've had to replace the flushing mechanism in this commode, which was most like the original one from 1956.  We decided to spend $20 to try to fix it instead. We just don't want to sink anymore money into this house before we decide if we'll be staying here or not.  Lee fixed it this time instead of calling a plumber.  So far so good.

On the up are a few more pictures of the garden.  When we moved in here, these areas were full of Nadina and Peonies and 3 struggling rose bushes.  I love peonies, but they lose all their charm after the blooms fade, so we pulled them out and put slag gravel down to allow more usable space so we can actually use the driveway for the car.  We got a couple of comments from the neighbors about the beauty of those peonies, but they got over it. 

The rose bush along the driveway

Sage replacing a peony

The Nadina hedge between our driveways

We're harvesting the Romas now

More Romas coming on the vine
So, until next time......



  1. If I remember correctly, as pretty as peonies are, they attract ants in a very big way. Your Roma tomatoes look wonderful. Pretty roses. Enjoyed your post! Glad Lee could fix the pot this time!!

  2. Glad you stopped by, Toots. Wish there were a way to comment directly like you have in your comments. I must admit, the tomatoes taste WONDERFUL! All the ones we get around here are woody inside. Yuck, petewy! Next year I'm definitely planting more plants. We only get about 3 a week, and the squirrels get the rest.

  3. And, peonies DO attract CRAZY! Then they get all brown and droopy with all the heat coming off the bricks --- Summertime in VA :)


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