Thursday, June 26, 2014

Random Visits and Fences

New Fence at the track OH
It seems to be the season that favorite blogsites get sparse....mine included.  Hey!  Its Summertime, and its natural to shift our focus to outdoor activities in favour of sitting in front of our computers.  Perfectly healthy!

So, instead of bemoaning the lack of new ideas and posts to read with my morning coffee, I've recently taken this opportunity to visit new sites -- those blogs that authors that I frequently read, visit.  So, each day I've been choosing a couple of blogs from one of my favorite sites' blogrolls and visit those.  I've found some really interesting places and have added them to my reading list.

High Fence enclosing the Soccer Fields WI
My, there's a treasure-trove of talent out there!  Yes, I'm finding a new trend for me, too....I seem more attracted to photo-centered sites, lately.  So, you may notice new sites appearing in my Blogroll on the right....many of them hosting/participating in weekly bloghops for photos involving gardens, fences, porches, birds, you-name-it. Going on these bloghops has, in turn, allowed me to find some lovely works as well.  I'm learning so much more about photography.  Don't worry, though!  I'm still quite interested in sewing sites, too, and will get back to seeking out new talents on that front again, I'm sure.  In the meantime, I encourage you to enjoy the ease of Summer, and branch out a little, too.

In closing, I'm sharing some of my pictures of Fences to submit to Thursdays' "Good Fences" with TexWiseGirl at Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

Fence behind the 1966 Restored Airstream OH

The Fence enclosing the veggie garden OH

The Fence enclosing the veggie garden OH

Vegetable Garden fenced viewed from patio OH

Fence at Lake Hope Beach OH

I've many snapshots and composed shots of fences on my hard-drive, so I'll be participating for awhile.


  1. Happy I can say I've seen the fence around your garden, as it was in Ohio! Lovely photo of Lake Hope Beach. I'm not familiar with Lake Hope, but it looks beautiful! One of my regular blogging friends participates in the fences photos, and I need to give you a link for a blogging friend who sews and does purses. She is in the UK and is expecting her first baby. I enjoy her sewing posts, even though I don't sew anymore:

    I enjoyed your fences, Karen!

  2. Thanks, Terri. Glad you liked my fences. Been going though the old photos and pulled all the fences I found. I'll check out the sewing link. Hugs...

  3. hooray for another fence lover! thanks for joining in, karen! really appreciate it!

  4. And a fence lover in my neck of the woods, er, beach! I'm in Virginia Beach. Nice to find your blog.

  5. HI Karen Lovely to see your own fences at home

  6. What a great way to broaden your blogging world.
    You've got some great fences here. The Air Stream is also really cool looking.

  7. Thank you for your comments, Ladies. I'm so touched by your kind words. Want to let you know that I've visited all your sites, too, and have tried to leave a comment, but sometimes its not been successful...not sure why, but I'll try again. Have a wonderful weekend.


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