Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer at the Lake

Lee's and my Cottage at the Lake
I've been following Claudia's blog about her stay at Chautauqua, and her pictures are bringing back so many memories of summers on a lake.   Mind you, not Chautauqua memories, but of a lake in Ohio that's still popular as a place to relax and play, near Columbus.

Dad bought a cottage there back in the 40s (before I was born), and our family spent their summers there every year.  We had a small runabout speedboat for skiing and fishing gear and a dingy as well.  Family and friends were a constant and I have so many fond memories of dancing and singing and great potlucks.  I had an uncle who loved to fish, and he would take me to the dock and we'd fish all the while talking about life....I was allowed to ask him anything.  When Dad retired, we sold our place in town and moved to the Lake, and that's where I grew up. Dad lived there until the day he died.

Dad and Mom with Friends and Fam
A few years later, my husband and I had an opportunity to buy a place in the same neighborhood.  It ended up being quite a fixer-upper, but I had grand hopes that my girls would find the same joys that I did as a girl.  At first we thought it just needed some upgrades, but we soon discovered it needed to be rewired among other things.   So we set about to fix it up.  It required much time and energy, but it wasn't all work.  We bought a ski boat and skiing paraphernalia as well as a small sail boat, too, so we could play a bit.  I loved working on it, and I loved spending hours on the porch overlooking the Lake watching the Cranes and Geese and Herons in the morning and the sailboat races in the afternoon.

In our front yard, there lived a family of Mallard ducks that would nest every year under a tree near the road.  There were a mess of small crickets living under that tree, so the ducks were in hog-heaven there.  We wouldn't cut the grass for several days in the Spring so the ducklings could get old enough.  Then the adults just would pick up and move everyone across the street to another site near the boatdocks.  Guess they ate their fill of crickets.

Vince Katie an Doug at the Lake
I wish we could go back to those simpler days of summer.  I miss watching the water, but where we live now, we can walk to the edge of the James River and sit for awhile in the gazebo on the community owned beach.  If we're lucky, we can catch a glimpse of a shore bird wading in the water or a pod of dolphins swimming by.  There's usually a lovely sunset to behold.

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  1. Great memories, Karen! I loved my time spent at Fairfield Beach, and at your house when we were growing up. They were simpler and more gentle days, indeed. Buckeye Lake was a great place to play and grow!

  2. It really was, wasn't it, Terri. there were so many things to do and investigate, even though we didn't appreciate it at the time :)


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