Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Fathers' Day

June is a wonderful month for Fathers' Day, isn't it!  Sunny and warm.  A month with only a few letters, and one syllable.  A strong month.  A no-nonsense kind of a month.  Just like Dad.....well.....sorta.

Dad is on the far right.  He planted this garden of tulips and roses.
My dad did have an abundance of nonsense, so that's not quite right.  He was warm and fun-loving with a penchant for fun.  Everyone remembers him for his ornery smile.  He wasn't highly educated since in the early 1900s helping the family earn a living was more important than high school, but he was smart.  He was indeed strong.  He was a fighter, a survivor.  And he loved to dance.  Boy, he loved to dance.  Mostly, he was there for me no matter what. 
Grandpa dancing with Julie 1987
Here's one of my favorite pictures of Dad.  He was 93ish years old here, dancing with Julie after she broke her arm.  Hard to believe he was that old, huh.  He could hardly hear, and his eyes were failing, but he kept driving and was living in his own home and finding things to work on around the house. 

Thinking of you and remembering you fondly, Dad, on this Fathers' Day 


  1. A wonderful tribute to your dad! That's a great photo of him with sweet Julie. I remember your dad, from our high school years. He put up with our music and giggles! Bless him!

    Happy Father's Day to Lee!

  2. What a sweet picture of a sweet man. I know you miss him.

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