Friday, April 25, 2014

Sewing Kitchen Curtains

Yes, my sewing table is still full of scrapbooking stuff treasures, so I'm still not sewing, but I thought you might like to read about my last sewing "adventure" before all this scrapbooking ordeal creating began......

Let me begin by saying that I've been thinking about sewing some valances for the kitchen in a dark blue print to pick up the dark blue accent wall.  So, I found this fabric at Fabric Mart, and ordered it with great expectations.  It arrived and the color match was perfect.

After I laid it out to cut out the larger valance (68" wide) it became apparent that the print was askew from the weave.  This would makes the curtain look crooked while hanging at the window since the fabric's pattern has a definite linear design.

What to do?  Well, I tried a few things, but the best way was to make the width six inches wider per side than needed.  This allowed me to fit a full pattern at the window after hemming the sides non-symmetrically.   Here's how the side hems look (top hem).

Since these are on south and west facing windows, I lined both to conceal the hems and to keep the fabric from suffering sunlight damage.

Here's how they looked after hanging them.  Boy, what a disappointment. dark and overwhelming....great for keeping the sun from blinding us, but I hated how they looked.

Dark Blue Curtains
 So, I decided plain white valances look much better.  I like that fresh clean look.

White Curtains with Lace Trim
So, now I have these two pieces of pretty fabric (although slightly flawed).  I think they would be great on this chair that I picked up in Southport, NC vintage store.

I hope it looks better than the curtains did.  I'll let you know how it works out.

Ciao for now....


  1. Well, when I saw the photo of your newly made curtains, I thought they looked okay. Then I saw the next photo, with the white valances - much better. You are right! And I do think the fabric will look very nice on your chair! Keep us posted!

  2. I love the white valances. I'm with Terri, at first glance the blue and white ones looked fine but at second glance they just overwhelmed the room. Anxious to see how the chair turns out.


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