Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sunday's Child is Bonny and Blithe ...

Wrenn and Julie
Here's our newest grandchild, Wrenn Aria (birdsong).  She and Momma are doing well.

She weighs in at 8# 11oz. and 20.5 in. long.  AND she has a head full of red hair.....just like her grandma :)  Born Sunday, January 12.

Mom had to undergo an unexpected C-section, but all turned out well for her and little Wrenn.  Aunt Katie arrived in town just 3 hours before, and was able to be in surgery with Julie, and was a great support to her and Ben, too.  A truly special delivery.

That's all for now.   


  1. Wrenn is a lucky little girl!! So happy for all of you, Karen!! Can't wait to watch her grow!

  2. Just look at that sweet bundle of joy!! I know you are 'over the moon' with happiness that babe and Mom are doing well. to answer your question about where I took the photos of the snow in my Note Card post on Living Life on Main Street .... I was at my daughter's in New York just about this time last year and took them there at that time. So, they aren't new pics but I loved getting such great ones of the snow. You coming to Waverly anytime soon. We need to meet.

  3. Thanks Terri. Julie is posting a picture a day of her on Facebook. Hope you can see those.

    Hi Latane. That was such a nice picture. Now you can take some snow shots in your own back yard :) We have about 8.5 inches here on our deck table. Got a friend in Portsmouth that has 10 inches of snow. Hope you fared better in Wakefield. I'm afraid I won't be coming up your way for a long time. Stay warm and safe.


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