Sunday, January 5, 2014

Counting Blessings

Good Bye 2013!  Happy to see you go.

This past year has been a challenging one and at times a very painful one for Lee and me.  So, its oh-so-nice to enter into a new year with high hopes for peace and the return of joyful times.  As is natural, we look forward from where we ended, and I always start each New Years with counting my Blessings.  I thought I'd share a few of ours with you, Dear Friends.

Blessings of Note:

Good Friends=good times to share:  We've made a couple of good friendships here in our Newport News home.  Our new neighbors are very friendly, and anxious to be helpful, and always have a friendly wave and "hello".  We're forming a new friendship with another couple on our block with whom we have fun and enjoy many common interests. We renewed an old friendship with a couple that live nearby, Terri and Edward. Unfortunately, Edward was recently diagnosed kidney cancer, and started chemo about a month ago.  He had been feeling pretty well with his chemo, with occasional fatigue, but last week he came down with a serious infection and spent New Years Eve in ER.  He was admitted and was scheduled to go home yesterday, but he suffered a set-back and now his release is uncertain.  We continue to pray for and are very hopeful for his return to health.  We all have so many more movies to  go see, and adventures to share.

Grandchildren=smiling:  On the positive side, we are 5 1/2 hours from Charlotte where our newest grandchild will be born shortly, and we've found a 5 hour route to Baltimore where our other 6 grandchildren live.  Well now, we have plenty of time as well as good tires on the car, so we can enjoy them much more than ever.  We're really looking forward to greeting our newest grandchild in the next few weeks.  Julie has been feeling pretty uncomfortable for several weeks now, but the last couple of days she's feeling better.  It seems the baby has turned with her head downward.  Yay!  So, it won't be long now.  Julie's sister, Katie, is flying down from Akron to spend next week with her in hopes she delivers while she's visiting.  Wouldn't that be great!  Exciting times. 

Pets=comfort:  Our pets consist of just 2 cats now, and we are enjoying them immensely.  Daisy is about 17 years old.  She's not able to jump high anymore, but she still can make it up onto the chairs, and loves to play.  The other, Annebelle, is about 5 years old.  Both are calicos that we saved from the wild.  The younger one has been a challenge because she suffered brain damage early in her life, and so she has moments of unreasonable fear which causes her to strike out.  We've been working with her and she leads a pretty calm and loving existence, but we still have strict rules we must live by where she's concerned.  They both crack us up with their never-ending shenanigans, though.  They make us laugh out loud everyday. 

Good Health=ease of li

ving:  We are both pretty healthy now.  Last summer I reached my 5th year of survival from kidney cancer, and my 8th year from melanoma.   Fewer doctors and medical personnel and No CT scan this year (knock on wood)!  Woot - Woot!  After suffering with plantar facciatis (sp?) for the last 6 years, as well, I'm thrill to say the pain has finally subsided, and I am now able to resume walking.  No more limping and no more pain.  ahhhhh.  Such a blessing.

Our Home=Adventure:  For the last couple of years Lee and I have referred to "Home" as being "where our kitties live".  We've felt like we had no "home", only places we spent time in.  Then we found this house which has needed a ton of work.  Now, all the construction is finished, and we are living "normally" again.  We both are retired now, and our four children are grown and living their own lives, so its finally time for 'us' after 36 years. You see, I brought two small children into our marriage, so we've never had "alone" time.  Our lives have revolved around our family-life.  Now that our youngest is out and on her own, we have time for each other.  This has been a quite learning experience for us, and after a rough start, we're enjoying our time together.  Lee keeps using the word "adventure", and its true.  Our new life has been quite an adventure which I didn't really appreciate so much until a few weeks ago.  I've struggled with homesickness much more than Lee, and then a terrible rift in an important relationship occurred, so the term "adventure" was NOT what I was calling it all.  But, now that I'm embracing what I have and letting the rest fall away, I am beginning to look at our new life together as an "Adventure" as well.  Peace is returning, and we're finally feeling like this may be our home.  Regardless of whether we stay here or move elsewhere, I know we're going to be looking at 2014 with an eye for the Adventure.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with rich Blessings, Joys, and Adventures of your own.



  1. Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope you get your wish that 2014 is better for you then 2013. I'd be happy if mine stayed status quo. Hope you're staying warm with these storms.

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Sandy. I fear your warmth is more of a challenge than mine is. The coldest its been here so far has been far :)


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