Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Much traveling, not blogging

I know I've been very negligent of my blog, and I must apologize for my absence.  

October found us busily finishing up the painting in the house between trips to see family and friends.  I must admit, it was refreshing to take a break and just stare out the windows day after day while driving hither and non during the lovely Autumnal weather. 
Rural Ohio sunset
We started our journeys by going to Charlotte, North Carolina, for our daughter's baby shower.  Her in-laws came in from Peoria, Illinois, bringing one of their adult daughters and two grandchildren.  It was such a lovely visit, and we got a chance to get to know Ben's family better.  
Baby Shower
After a few days, Ben's folks headed for Myrtle Beach, and we headed off to Ohio....the Cleveland visit with our youngest, Katie.

We also got a chance to visit with Lee's family and friends.  Lee is from the Cleveland area, and went to Kent State, so he has many family and friends in the area that we got a chance to spend time with. His brother, Tom, plays with a couple of bands in the area, and we were able to attend one of his concerts at a small bar one evening and hung out with some of his other groupies.
Lee, Karen, Em, Tom
Living in Southern Virginia, we've missed the crisp Autumns of Ohio, so it was great being in Akron in October.  Sunny and cool weather was perfect for pumpkin carving and a visit to an apple orchard with much fun.   Plus all the hiking we could handle.  Akron has a wonderful system of parks and trails, and the colors were at their peak. 
Valley Overlook with Katie
Then in November, we spent several days in Charlotte, again to share Thanksgiving with Julie, Ben, and the pups.  A lovely, quiet few days with good folks, good food, and good weather, too.  

Ben and Julie
Our next trip to Charlotte won't be so quiet because we'll go back when their little girl is born in January....and that will be an exciting time filled with hustle and bustle with loads of both families again.  Can't wait! 

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  1. The girls both look great - Julie is radiant! You and Lee also look great, Karen! So nice to see your faces.

    Sounds like a great Oct/Nov, with a very exciting January coming. I know you will keep me/us posted!!

    Love & hugs, my friend! xoxox


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