Monday, August 26, 2013

Sewing Room Refinements

Sewing tables
Sew So, this has been my sewing room setup for a few months now.  We purchased two of these tables from Ikea a few weeks ago, and I just love them because they are so stable.  With a serger that jumps and an embroidery module that jumps, too, stability is very important.  The arrangement is functional, but not ideal.  I needed another trip to Ikea.....preferably, the store in Charlotte, NC, because I hate driving through DC.

Since our daughter's and her hubby's announcement last week that she's pregnant with their first child, we just had too many very good reasons to make the 5-hour trip to, we just had to go there to hug her in person and be one of the first to pat her tummy, and two, we needed to make another shopping trip to Ikea, and three, to visit our grandpups as well.  
Janome Auto Buttonhole Foot

Julie has been working on a bench pad for their living room, but the machine I had given her kept jamming (a loose screw was the culprit).  So, we set up the machine and fixed the jam, then proceeded to learned (re-learned in my case) how to use the automatic button-hole foot (a remarkable piece of engineering, I must say).  Although one can make button holes using a tight zig-zag stitch, having an automatic foot makes the job go oh-so-much-faster-and-neater.  It gives a much more uniform product, and once she made a few practice runs, she was able to finish the cushion in about 20 minutes.  This was her first major piece of work, and it turned out beautifully.

Anyway, getting back to my Sewing Room.

Linnmon Corner Table from Ikea
Well, we headed off to Ikea the next morning to picked up a few items for the house:  A chiffarobe and dresser for the bedroom, a 72"x 2" shelf for the laundry-room, a narrow picture shelf for our bathroom sundries, and most importantly, this corner table to fit in between the two tables I already have in the sewing room. It works beautifully as a place to set-up my computer that I use for my machine embroidery (I also have all our CDs on the hard-drive and a groovy pair of Bose speakers attached, too, for when I'm not embroidering). 

Of course it started pouring rain as we were loading up all this stuff into and onto the ole' Highlander.  We had to push the passenger seat up pretty far to accommodate the lengths of the boxes which made for some interesting seating for Lee on the way back to Julie's place (he has the shortest thigh of the three of us, so he won the short-seat). This not-so-little table top had to be strapped to the top of the car so someone could still sit in the backseat (its 47"x 47" before packaged...kinda takes up the whole cargo area). Luckily, we came equipped with strapping just in case.  For the trip home the next day, we unpacked it from its box and then were able to fit it into the back of the car since there was only going to be two of us for the trip home to Virginia.  Whew!  Always interesting when we go to Ikea.

Here's how it all came together.  There was even enough room for my favorite chair for those seam ripping/hand-sewing moments.  Now, all I need is the repairman to get my Bernie back so I can start sewing up all that pink fabric I purchased for the Julie's new baby.


  1. Functional and pretty! Your room looks great, and I look forward to seeing photos of all those pink foo-foo items you are going to make for your granddaughter!!

  2. Space looks awesome! Congrats on the news of the new family member. Glad you got to go in person and hug and pat....most important!

    I', Listening

  3. I keep popping in hoping for a new post, but....thought I'd go ahead and leave another comment today anyway. Hope things are going well for you.
    Sandy's Space


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