Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bernie is in the shop, just when I need her the most

As you know, we're expecting a new grand-baby girl this winter.  My oldest daughter and hubby have been trying to get pregnant, an finally they achieved success.  Woot!

Of course, when she told me, I immediately thought of about forty-eleven things I want to make for her and the baby.  (I just can't say here, because she reads my blog, and I want it to be a surprise.)  However, I can say the 1st thing I did was to visit the fabric store and pick up a few pieces of pink flannels...checks, polka dots, flowers, and kittens.  Yup, went a little crazy, but not too crazy.  Must save some sewing dollars for later, too.

So, here I am all ready to start the fun, and my Bernie won't turn on.  Took her to the shop yesterday, and am anxiously waiting for the repairman to call me.  After speaking with my old Bernina dealer, I think its one of the circuit boards.  The joys of electronics....a board costs about $220.  If this were a mechanical machine, I could fix the bushings and rewire the motor and ....voila ... back in business.  However, this machine has electronics and chips and such making it much more difficult to fix.  Dag nab it and some other stronger words.

Now I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll start sewing up a few things by hand.  Yup, you read correctly; by hand.  Hand sewing can be so soothing, really.  It gives you time to think your project through thoroughly, and after all the excitement from yesterday's news, it'll be nice to just work quietly and slowly, ....feet propped up....dreaming of our new little one's layette. 

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  1. I look forward to hearing more, and (of course) to the great news when your new granddaughter comes into the world later this coming winter! Whooohooo!!! A baby!!


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