Sunday, July 7, 2013

Silent Sunday - Home is Where the Kitties Live

 Two years after moving from their home, I think the kitties are feeling pretty content with their new home....

Annabelle prefers a grass-less spot

Daisy feeling happy in the grass


  1. nice to see your sweet kitties feeling at home in Virginia!

  2. Just couldn't pass up taking these "action shots" :)

  3. I love all your kitty shots. I think they really do know that it is better if they stay close to their owners no matter where you go. Many years ago we moved our two cats from Sydney to Brisbane then 2 years later moved to New Zealand for two years then back to Brisbane. The cats settled in well each move. Your day looks lovely there.

  4. Val, it always amazes me how flexible pets can be. We moved from the only home they knew to an apartment for a year then into a rental house the next year. Both places put big challenges on them that they were unaccustomed to, but they seemed happy. But when we moved here, though, they both had a noticeably different reaction. They weren't tense or anxious, but fully at ease from the get-go...within a few minutes, they just laid down in the middle of the floor and started cute. Love hearing from you, Val. Thanks for swinging by :)


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