Monday, July 8, 2013

Memory Monday - Dad

My dad had been called many things in his lifetime, but no one can deny he was one tough cookie.

I recently found this photo of Dad.  I have quite a few more of him in his earlier years, but those will have to wait for a future Memory Monday  posting.

This is one of the last pictures I have of him.  He was about 90 was 1986...and Julie was 9 months old.  He had driven to our place for dinner and to visit with little Julie who had just suffered a broken arm from a fall down the stairs.   We had supper and played our usual game of Canasta.  Dad was fun to play with because he tried to cheat and wasn't very good at it.  Always made us smile as those aces fell on the floor...what a hoot.  Later in the evening he had a small stroke which presented itself as slurred speech, so I ended up in the hospital again until the early morning hours.  He was watched through the night in ER, then given the okay and went home the next morning.  He was quite a survivor. He went on and you'd never would have known he had experienced any problem.

Dad died 6 years later, at age '96 or 98 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at home in his easy chair....just where he wanted to be at the end.  He had been suffering from angina for a couple of weeks and didn't want to end up in a hospital or worse, a nursing home.  He was adamantly against it, and we (his daughters) honored his wishes to stay at home.  He called me that evening saying he felt very badly and asked me to have my husband come out to his place to check on him because he thought he'd die that night.  Lee had gone shopping with the kids and wasn't home when Dad called, so I hopped into the car.  It was a lovely warm Spring evening as I drove out to my childhood home that night....April 14th, 1992.  


  1. Oh so sad, I'm so sorry for the circumstances. He didn't want you to be one to find him, he wanted it to be your hubby. How nice you have that wonderful picture of him. He looks like he was a character with a twinkly in his eyes even at that age. Sorry linky wasn't up when you got there. I slept a bit longer this am. I'll add you to the linky and hopefuly you'll swing back later to snare the badge and post link. I'm glad you've got pictures to help you remember the good times.

  2. Sandy, sorry...Didn't mean it to be sad, but I guess it kinda reads that way. It's a kind of intro of Dad for next Monday....he really WAS a character in so many ways. He LOVED having fun and was always there for me. Lotsa memories, it so hard to know which ones to share.

  3. Nancy. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. Do come back because next Monday I hope to post some old time pictures of him and a few more details of his life in the early years.

  4. Yes, he went the way he wanted to, but I know he didn't want you to find him. So sorry for that, Karen.

    Love the photo of your dad with his sweet granddaughter. A nice memory.

  5. That had to be a tough night for you. I'm sorry to hear that he chose to end his life that way, but it was his choice. I'm glad you have so many happy memories to fall back on and reminisce.

  6. Thanks, Patti. I really do have lots of good memories of Dad that I'll be posting.

    Thank you all for your kind words of support. End of life issues are something we all struggle with several times through life, and I've had a long time to reflect on Dad's choice. I gotta say, I'm still fine with what he did, just as I was that evening. Dad was of a strong will to live his life as he saw fit....this was just the end of the same thread...that's all.


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