Monday, July 22, 2013

Memory Monday - 37 Years and Counting

Betty and me taking a rest after the ceremony
 A couple of snapshots of our wedding day.  The lady in coral is my sister and matron of honor, Betty.  We're waiting for photos to be taken.  I was pretty sick this day, mostly from the Zombie my fiance and his friends gave me the night before at our rehearsal dinner at the Kahiki....I swear the bartender was paid to make it a double, but they still deny it.  I'm dubious.

My boys, Doug (on the left) and Vince (right) gave me away.  We were married in Emmanuel Lutheran Church near German Village in Columbus, Ohio, during Thanksgiving Weekend.  And there was a freak snow storm that afternoon as I was on my way to the church....  

Lee, Vince, Doug, and Tom (best man)
Here are my guys getting ready before the ceremony.  Its hard to see here, but I was told that my handsome hubby-to-be was quite worried that his bride was missing.  I was running late, really late because the man driving me to the church was afraid to drive in the snow.  He never went over 40 mph on the freeway....yeah....and we had to travel 40 miles to the church.  It was just flurries then and the blizzard was yet to come during the ceremony.

All kinds of things went wrong that day, including me uttering "oh sh...t!" in front of my pastor as I was trying to field last minute questions/decisions from him and everyone while in my underwear...yeah, I said that in front of him while I was in my underwear.  Yeah, not good.  Such guilt -- but he said he never noticed anything like that when I apologized.  He was so kind to lie to me....guess we both messed up a little that day LOL.

Anyway, the old wives say "The worse the weather on your wedding day, the better the marriage."  Well, I'm not sure if that's true because I know of many happy marriages that occurred in nice weather, but it helped  me us get through that day's craziness. Actually, my sister and my sister-in-law helped get me us through that day, too -- in a big way.  What all went wrong?  Well, sh...t, there are too many things to list, but suffice it to say that after the party broke up that night, Lee and I just sat down with his parents and laughed and laughed and laughed at it all.  Dad said that he'd pour us a drink, but someone stole all the liquor that was left over.   Yeah, a perfect ending.


  1. Fabulous story. Luckily you can look back and laugh about it still. Anyway - one day doesn't make or break a marriage. Congratulations on your 37 years.

  2. Popped in for memory monday, you've got me curious about the story behind it all. Cute pictures. I know the church you're referring to...and here in Central Ohio snow on Thanksgiving...happens too often. I remember the restaurant too..what a place that was.

    Back in town, so got the linky up early, swing by. Your boys look adorable all dolled up!
    Memory Monday, The Magic of Cardboard and Tissue Paper

  3. I'm sorry I missed your wedding! We had lost touch during that time of your/our lives. The boys are adorable! I would love to see more wedding photos!! Love & hugs!

  4. You're absolutely right, Val. All marriages have their ups and downs, it's all good...even uttering vulgarities at the wish I could take THAT back, can you tell LOL :) Glad you popped in, Val.

    Terri, wish you had been there, too. But you were saved the agony of watching the day go steadily wrong.

    Sandy, I knew you'd remember the Kahiki...Terri does, too, I bet. A much loved landmark of Columbus, now gone, but not forgotten. Emmanuel Lutheran is on Markison, and Pastor Satorius was the long-time pastor there. He's still remembered among Pastors in the area as well as the fire department....a long-time pastor to the Columbus Fire Department.

  5. As I recall, that Zombie was a single, but the bartender may have been a little generous that evening.

  6. Lee, I'm shocked! That's the closest you've come to confessing in all these years :) Actually, I misspoke, The Day didn't go downhill, just the Party -- Love

  7. That was a day to remember, for sure. Glad you could laugh about it after it was all over.


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