Sunday, June 9, 2013

Apologies for Google Plus

So, I've been plagued with problems with Blogger since I "upgraded" to Google Plus.  I must apologize if you've been having trouble commenting on my posts.  I've been working on fixing the bugs associated with comments, but it still is buggy.  I've now left Google Plus and reverted my two blog-sites back to plain ole Google Blogger.  I hope all is going to be back to normal....we'll see.  Please drop me note at My Email if you're still having troubles. 

I really appreciate your patience and help resolving these seemingly endless bugs.



  1. No troubles! Just glad to see you! :)

  2.'ve fixed it. I don't pretend to know why it suppose to be an upgrade to use google+, I just know how many have lost lost blog comments because of it.......soooooooo glad you're back in happy blogger land. I do hope they fix it, so people don't loose followers, readers, commentors etc. but I've not seen any positive situation from the use of it. Welcome Home my friend!

  3. And now here to invite you to Memory Monday

  4. Looks like my id might be fixed???? Here's hoping.....

  5. It is fixed! Sandy, thank you, thank you, thank you. I AM back in happy blogger-land :) My comments are showing up in most of my favorite blogs, except those with Google+. I can't understand what Google is thinking....those folks using Google + are nearly invisible to the outside world. Not good if your followers lose your address for any reason (like a computer crash). Doesn't make sense to me to be part of Google+ since I want more followers, not less.


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