Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Addressing the Sewing Room again

So, I've been working on my new sewing room in fits and starts over the last 4 months.  It started out as a storage room while we were working on the rest of the house. It was referred to as "Paint Central" to my chagrin. 

Walls primed

Then we moved all the junk stuff into the guest room so I could paint the sewing room.  Now, this room is in the back of the house overlooking our pretty backyard, so I wanted to keep it subdued, but bright.  I started out with a mossy green (Glidden Satin) that I had left over from our last place, but it just didn't cover the textured plaster walls well at all. Very blotchy.

Mossy Green was so blotchy

Behrs' Iced Celery covered well

So, I repainted it with a gallon of minty green (Iced Celery, Behr Premium with Mildew resistance Eggshell Enamel) that I found in the miss-matched area at Home Depot.  We painted the trim with the same white we're using in the rest of the house (Gypsum, Behr Premium mildew resistance Satin Enamel) and painted the closet bright white (Behr Premium mildew resistance Glossy Enamel). The ceiling is just plain white like most of the ceilings in the house (Ceiling white by Zinser with mildew resistance Flat).  **

Then I coerced my hubby to move three of the garage's shelving units into the sewing room to hold all my boxes and boxes of stuff.  Unpacking and organizing was the major portion of the work.  I've collected quite an eclectic mix of baskets through the years which really helped.

One of the Garage's Shelving Units
Now, I had two fold-up tables that I used for my machines, but using the serger and embroidery machine made them bounce so much that I started looking for inexpensive alternatives.  Then we went to Ikea last week....Yup, found something......

New table from Ikea hosts Janome serger and cover-lock
These tables were $65 each and on the next trip I'll be picking up a corner table for $75 that will tie them all together.  They are quite stable and we put them together in less than an hour -- easy peasy -- HUZZAH!  I just love them and my floorspace has increased by 1 foot in both directions, too.  Double HUZZAH!! Plus, no more bouncing - triple HUZZAH!!!  Okay, so they cost a little more than the last table I made ($35 for a 10 foot section of ready-made countertop held up by two old bookshelves; all left behind during our move), but they sure look better.

Corner unit will go here and host my computer. Ikea table hosts Bernie
Now I feel like I can actually work in here instead of thinking about organizing the room better.  It was sooo distracting I'm much happier.  Its still a work in progress, but its almost where I want it.  Yeah, I have visions of shelving and cabinets replacing the plastic shelves someday, but for now I'm calling it done.

I'm so excited to get back to sewing again. 

**You might be wondering about the Mildew Resistance in the paint.  Well, for one thing, now we are in Southern Virginia where the humidity is high high high.  But more importantly, when we moved in here there were shutters and black-out roller shades on all the windows.  After removing  all the window coverings to let the sunshine in, we found the walls looked really really gray and a few had orange "dots" on them.  Once I started to clean/scrub the walls, I soon realized they were covered with mold and mildew in the nooks and crannies of the textured walls...including the closets, ugh.  So, all the walls and ceilings were scrubbed with tri-sodium phosphate, and we decided to paint EVERYTHING with mildew resistant paint for good measure.  No surface has gone untouched. None.  Mold is nothing to mess around with.


  1. You go, girl!! The work room looks fabulous. I LOVE Ikea. If you need it, they have it. Can't wait to see the completed corner. Thanks for posting the progress!

  2. Thanks Terri. So glad you like it. Went out to buy a couple of new patterns at Hancocks Fabrics yesterday. I'm so psyched to start something pretty today --I've got a couple of really pretty things in my stash I'm dreaming about :)


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