Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring has sprung, a time to add to an allergist's retirement plan

Blooming apple tree behind our veggie garden
Oh, how I miss life B.A. ... Before Allergies!  I remember the good old days of sitting on my patio in Ohio enjoying this view of my dormant garden and dreaming of rotating my crops.  Alas, those days are gone, and now, in southern Virginia, I'm relegated to standing in my new yard in the rain and planning what my husband will have to do to make the garden "better".  Yeah, the amount of pollen in the air looks like a cloud of fog on some days....on those days, I dare not go out except to jump directly into the car with windows rolled up.  Scary stuff.

Its raining today (...and tomorrow ...and the next day), so we took time to "make hay while the sun shined", as they say.  The last few days have been spent putting up guttering and cutting down trees and bushes that have grown amuck over the last few years.  Yeah, we've put the brakes on the inside, but its nice taking some time away from our painting chores to do some chores outside.  So, the plan now is to do some of the most-needed yard work now, then head back inside as the temps rise to unbearable here over the next few weeks/days.
One of the issues we'll be addressing is the front yard.  A few weeks ago, we had to cut down a couple of foundations shrubs to find the drain pipe leading out to the street.  This left quite an unsightly spot in the front yard, so we decided to cut down all the rest and removed some pretty gnarly-looking hollies.  We also felled a 20 foot crepe myrtle that lived uncomfortably between two huge holly trees.  Now we have stumps...lots of stumps.  So, this weekend we'll rent a stump grinder, and finish off the demolition so we can replant with new shrubs and then reseed the lawn before the really hot weather sets in.  I'll be taking some pictures so you can see how things turn out, not to worry.  Then, we'll go back inside to continue the redo. 


  1. So sorry the allergies are so bad. Our worst pollen season is over, until Fall. Take care while working outside!! Thanks for the update!! Love & hugs, my friend.

  2. Love and hugs right back at you, friend....give Joe our hugs, too. Good luck with Mayfair, wish I could be there...someday :)


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