Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remodel Update: Kitchen, part two

Kitchen viewed from Living Room
 Well, it's only taken 3-1/2 months, but I finally have a kitchen.  Woot! Woot!  I'm happy to say we are done in this room.  Last night my hubby replaced the ceiling vents, and took the ladders, paint and tarps out of here for good.

I probably should have removed the dish towel and the magnets off the fridge, and maybe cleared off the table, but the sun was just right in the sky, so I dashed off a few shots before the rains come.

Dining Area viewed from the kitchen door.
Here's the view from the pantry (which I spoke of in the last posting) toward the dining area.  This was 2 rooms originally, and we tore down the wall between the kitchen and formal dining room, making it one large area (you can see a before picture at the end of this posting).  The old wall divided the two areas where the far end of  the fridge sits now. The walkway through the old kitchen was where the bank of cabinets are to the left in the picture.

It was a U-shaped kitchen, but the refrigerator sat in front of the window (which is behind me here), which really limited light, and the dishwasher rendered most of the lower cabinets useless. All the drawers were falling apart, and there was a bad odor coming from mold which was growing behind the dishwasher and on the old sub-floor.  Ugh. 

We replaced the grungy vinyl floor with more oak hardwood that was interlaced with that in the dining room, then it was all stained with Minwax Cherry stain and finished with a polyurethane.  We also hung new sheet rock on the ceiling to make the transition between the rooms seamless, and finished off with new crown molding (painted with Behr semi gloss in Gypsum). 

At first, I was pretty committed to painting that accent wall a deep plum, and add a dark plum accent band in the tiling on the kitchen walls to pick up the colors in the granite.  We bought the accent pieces, and I went to Home Depot to  mix up a gallon of the shade of plum I wanted.  But, there was this deep navy color that my eyes kept wandering off to.  So, instead, I bought a sample pint of each color and brought them home to try out.  We painted sample blotches of each on the wall and lived with them for a couple of days after which, we both agreed that we LOVED, not just liked, but LOVED the blue (Behr flat enamel in Nobility Blue).  So we took all the plum accent tiles back to the store and started all over again.  Yup, went with black instead.  Surprise -- teehee.

Kitchen cooking area
We chose to tile all the way to the ceiling behind the hood with the same field tile as is in the backsplash, 2"x1" Snow White subway tiles, and adding just a couple rows of the black accent tiles.  The accent tile squares throughout are of black glass and black marble, and I think it adds just the right amount of contrast against the subway whites, plus it picks up the other black accents in the room.

The counters are "granite" with dark streaks of plum-colored garnet running on a diagonal through the white/grey field.  Sorry, I've no close-up picture, but maybe you can see it a bit in this one.
Kitchen tiling
Here's a somewhat fuzzy close-up of the accent tiles we chose.  There are squares of black marble laced with white streaks, squares of flat black glass, and squares of rippled clear black glass.  (I tried to get a good close-up with my 50mm lense, but I just couldn't get it clear enough to see the rippled glass, too, but trust me, its really cool). 

Funny how just one design decision can cascade all the way through the project.

Kitchen Light over the sink, hate how Google reverts this back onto its side
When we started, I had a rough idea that the light fixtures and hardware would be of a coppery bronze finish and that I would have a lattice-work design feature along wall above the window, but with my choice of the glass and black iron light fixture over the sink, most of my following design decisions went back to the black. Now, I'm not an artistic painter, but I imagine the same thing happens in that arena, as well....starting out along one path, then switch a couple of times ending on a totally different path.  I know it does with many quilters as it does with many sewists, too.

The other major thing we did was to replace the window in the dining room with a french door leading outside to a deck, yet to be built.  It added a tremendous amount of light and ambiance to this space, that we just love.  All in all, this turned out better than I imagined.  Its a pleasure now to use the kitchen and sit down for coffee an a chat, or play a game of scrabble/poker/Chinese checkers.  Even on rainy days, the space retains it's easy breezy feeling.

Next installment: probably something about my sewing room....
Below are some before pictures.
Kitchen Pantry
Old Kitchen


  1. Hi looks like you have been busy. Love the new kitchen.

  2. Karen, your new kitchen is amazing! I know how proud you guys are. It is beautiful. Wow.

  3. Thanks, Terri. I am very pleased that is a friendly space now, and that its finally finally finished.

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