Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remodel Update: Kitchen Choices, Pantry

 So, I promised this installment would be about the master bedroom, but we ran into a painting snag with the closet doors, so I have not pictures since its not finished yet.  The snag?  Some of the doors and trim here were painted in oil-based paint, and our closet doors were one of those.  We discovered it when they just shed the primer and latex paint we tried to apply.  So, they're back in the garage being sanded and repainted with Alkyd paint.  Instead, allow me share some things about my new kitchen which I'm really excited about.

We've done so much work in there, that I can't share it all in one posting, so I'll pare it down to one important corner, the pantry. 

Briefly, we tore out the old, and installed new floors, cabinets, and ceiling, plus all the necessary accoutrements, like appliances.  It took a very long time, but the cabinets are finally in.  We chose a painted shaker style with this black hardware.  I know, I know, brushed nickle is all the rage now, but we decided to keep the original built-in pantry with it's vintage spade hinges in black wrought iron.  We thought we'd have to go with aged bronze, then I found these black handles, and think they really reflects the older hardware from the 50s better.  Plus, they add a bit of POP to the gray/green cabinets. 

Now that the contractors are (finally) out of here, I've been repainting the old pantry (as well as the walls, ceiling, and trim).  All the shelves were lined with old linoleum tiles which I had to chisel off.  Then I sanded, filled the holes and gaps with caulk, and painted the whole thing with white semi-gloss enamel.

Here's a picture of the pantry cabinet without the doors.  Can you see the ecru door next to it?  Yep, that's the color the pantry used to be, too.  This door was later painted the same white, I'm happy to say.  This pantry isn't very deep, but it holds a surprisingly large amount of canned and boxed goods.  We're so glad we chose to keep it, and the added space has been golden.  

Can you see those little shelves on the side of the pantry?  I saved all these that flanked the windows of the old cabinets hoping to reinstall them.  I think they are so cute, but my husband doesn't hold the same opinion.  I wanted to reinstall them on the new cabinets, but he wanted them all  gone....a compromise... I get to keep these two.  Fair enough. I envision getting some herbs to place on them when I find my herb pots that are still packed away somewhere.

Sidebar....Now, here's the snag....yup, the paint started to peel off the outside of the pantry, just like the closet doors in our bedroom.  So far the damage is only where the doors meet the stiles.  Well, repainting it will just have to wait.  The tile guys are here right now, and we have so much work to do in other rooms.  We need to just put a period in this room and move on for now.

So, after the tile is installed, I'll take some pictures of the final product and post them next time.   Even though we had issues with the fit and finish of the cabinets, we are overall pleased with how the space works and feels.  It's such a bright and cheery spot that greets us in the morning.

Next installment:  the rest of the kitchen

Paint colors:  Rope (Valspar) lacquer on cabinets
                      White (Olympia) semi gloss enamel on trim and pantry
                      Gypsum (Behr) semi gloss enamel on base and crown molding
                      SWW Reserve (Behr) flat enamel on walls
                      Cherry stain by Minwax on the oak floors


  1. We must have a pantry!! You guys have done so much work, and it is all looking so good as it comes together. I like the black hardware! Can't wait for your next installment!

  2. Wow, so much work. You'll not know what to do with yourself and all your time when you get it finished.

  3. LOL! You're absolutely right, Sandy. At least, its keeping us out of trouble ;)
    Thanks Guys for your encouragement.


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