Friday, January 4, 2013

Tip of the Day - Jeans Thread Recommendations

Denim Jeans!

Do you have difficulty finding appropriate thread to use with your denim project?  With the price of thread anymore, I surely was pleased to find an article from another sewist about her discoveries.  Unfortunately, I totally forgot to make a note of her URL so I  can't give her the credit she deserves.  Especially since her advice spot on.

Below is a listing of what she found....

   M732 - old Levi and Lee (not as heavy as top stitching) 
   850 - Lee Jeans (topstitching thick)
   502 - Older Lee Jeans (used doubled up [2 threads, 1 needle])
   870 - Similar to Coats Jeans thread, but has more luster. (topstitching thick)
      525 & 506 Levi's white jeans (topstitching thick)

 Coats and Clark
- Extra Strong Thread for Jeans. (Only has 70 yards on the spool, though)
- 157A/T29, 83F/T2, 83F/T29 (these work well for zigzag and serged edges on the inside of jeans)

Hope this info helps you with your next jeans project.  Isn't it great when we sewists share these little gems.

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